Paperchase Kawaii Green and Yellow Pepper money box

Paperchase is going to ‘bankrupt’ me!

I need to stop walking through House of Fraser at lunchtime. Everytime I go by there I get sucked into the kawaii vortex that is the Paperchase concession and I end up buying something or two or three…you get the idea. I couldn’t walk away from these fellas though as they are one of my favourite vegetables.

They are little money boxes, great for keeping loose bus change in or when you raid your other half’s pockets. The stem top twists off and there is a little slot in the back for the change. Why do I need two? Because if I only have one it will get lonely! I’ve not seen these online, only in stores.

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  1. I really like these. I think my little people would love them to collect their pennies in x

  2. says:

    I agree – I think these give out two good messages ‘Save and eat your veggies’ x

  3. says:

    @Katie – I’ve also seen toadstools red with white spots really cute!

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