No nonsense real skin cream review

Quick review – no nonsense real skin cream

What has four ingredients, is fair trade, organic and isn’t a new recipe from Jamie Oliver? You may have already heard of no nonsense from Twitter and Facebook which is how I discovered them. When I visited their website to find out about this new skincare brand I was impressed to see that were happy to send a sample. This is very different from most beauty counters with sales assistants that turn their nose up at you at the mere suggestion of a sample – especially if you aren’t buying anything. All you have to do is fill in a little registration form about the skincare you buy, given them your address and your little pot of cream will arrive in a few days.

The cream reminds of whipped butter that you get in American diners when they serve pancakes. This feels a bit too oily for my skin at first, however I wanted to give it a go and push myself out of my comfort zone. Even though it has a whipped texture it immediately melts onto your skin and is quite comforting with the light delicate scent of essential oils. I’ve had lots of irritated dry skin around my nose from having a cold recently so this cream felt very soothing. I continued to use for a few days afterwards to see if it would suit my skin.

It’s difficult for someone like me who has oily skin to put something oily on their face. I have to say I’m not really too sure if this product is for me – over time I think the oily issue will annoy me which is the same reason I don’t like serums. No nonsense have put a bit on their website stating they have received comments that people love or hate their cream. It’s also full of information with a great anti-marketing rant. Even though this isn’t for me I would certainly encourage anyone to try a sample for themselves, this seems like an honest company with real intentions.

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