New Rose & Co. Apothecary website!

New Rose & Co. Apothecary website!


Mar 14, 2017 Beauty Bits 0 Comments

There is something about small, decorative metal tins of balm that send me into a frenzy, and Rose & Co. of West Yorkshire sell the the most gorgeous selection of balms and salves along with bath & body goodies. I bought some Rose & Co. tins last year (6 to be exact) and they take pride of place in my collection. In the blog post about my haul I mentioned the website (at the time) wasn’t brilliant. As a matter of fact I slated it and said it was long overdue for a revamp. I even emailed them about broken links I found and they never emailed me back. I don’t blame them – I must have sounded like a total nutcase. I just found it frustrating that such lovely products weren’t getting the proper attention they deserve. I felt like anyone that would come to the website would get frustrated with the navigation, broken links, and just leave without buying anything. Crazy I know, considering it’s not even my website/shop.

Well I’m glad to say that their new website is nothing short of stunning. Whoever designed the site really captured what Rose & Co. is about, the modern apothecary with a nod to all things romantic and vintage. It’s easier to navigate, there’s a blog, and you can sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date with new products. They also have two shops in West Yorkshire; one in Leeds and another in Haworth. I’m going to make it my mission to visit one or both the shops in the near future and just hand over my paycheque when I walk through the doors!

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