Nail polish haul | Barry M and American Apparel

Breaking news – Nail polishes jump into my hand and demand to be taken home!

I went to London town on Saturday and I met with another beauty blogger who was visiting from France (more on that in few days), did some shopping, and went out to dinner with my friend Christine and her husband at a lovely Spanish tapas bar. Jamie and I only went down for the day but it was very fruitful as you can see below!

I was on a mission to visit Top Shop and on my way I did a detour into American Apparel to have a look at their polish offerings. I was quite tempted by a few of their non-neon colours but most of the bottles looked like they had seen better days so I just went with these lovelies above from right to left: Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Coral.

I’ve realised I just might be obsessed with Barry M nail polish as I can’t go past Superdrug or Boots these days without checking to see if they have any new shades. I was on the hunt for ‘Green Glitter’ as I can’t find it in Nottingham and I know I can order it online but I like the thrill of the chase!

I managed to fight my way down Oxford Street to make it to Top Shop and there was no Green Glitter to be had but I found a few other colours I haven’t seen before. The Barry M staff were kind enough to let me rifle through the stock drawer to find what I was looking for. I was quite surprised by this as TS was a madhouse and I wouldn’t have blamed them for just saying ‘what is out is what we have’. But they were really accommodating so kudos to the Barry M staff at Top Shop! Left to right: Blue Glitter, Aqua Blue, Aqua Green, Emerald Green.

I never ever thought I would be lemming for yellow let alone lavender nail polish but there’s a first time for everything. Left to right: Berry Ice Cream, Lavender Hexograms, Lemon Ice Cream.

I’d like to stay that I’ve got enough nail polish to last me for awhile, but I can’t make that promise right now. As a matter of fact if I keep going at this rate I may actually be heading for Nail Polish Addicts support group!

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  1. Clare says:

    Wow! These are all so pretty! :)

    And what lovely staff in Topshop – always nice when people go out of the way to help :)

    Clare x

  2. vikki says:

    ooh they all look fab i have barry m berry i/c on right now it is sooooooo pretty x

  3. Kelly says:

    The blue/green Barry M polish all the way to the right in the second picture looks a lot like the Sally Hansen Marine Scene I have on my nails right now! Great color!

  4. Maja Piraja says:

    Welcome to the perfectly manicured world of nail polish addicts, my dear! We welcome you with open arms ;)

  5. Aseya says:

    Hahahaha too funny! That coral is gorgeous!!

  6. J says:

    Emerald green is one of my favourite Barry M shades! I’ve never tried any of the American Apparel polishes. Would be interested in seeing how they last.

    Love J.

  7. Ms Red says:

    Im loving the Hexograms polish, never known staff to be so helpful before though lol.

    Love the title of this post made me laugh and heaven knows I need the laughs atm.

    Ms Red


  8. Pinkty says:

    I am happy you had a nice time
    I am going to topshop this afternoon and i am sure nail polishes would like to come to Paris

  9. Oh nice hauling! Dying to see these all swatched! The Barry M green/blue shades are very lovely!

    • says:

      They are really nice, I’ve been wearing the Aqua Green over some China Glaze Turned up Turquoise and my nails look like a mermaids as they are all shimmery!

  10. Rebecca says:

    ADORING the lavender Barry M, and the neons from AA. I am obsessed with all things neon. Think I’m stuck in the 80′s?

    • says:

      Nowt wrong with the 80′s, I had all the neon rubber bracelets, leggings, t-shirts but I think at my age I’ll just stick to nails :O

  11. Courtney says:

    I’ve recently bought the Barry M Blue Glitter, how gorgeous is it :)
    Courtney x

    • says:

      It is super fabulous, not watery and the glitter content is nice and even – Barry M is becoming my crack! :D

  12. liloo says:

    the second photo is screaming for an ombre manicure! xx

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