Nail of the Week | 17 Catwalk Couture

NOTW 17 Fast Finish Catwalk Couture

Before my spending ban a few weeks ago I bought a handful of new nail colours because I felt I was missing out on all the fun. I used paint my nails on a regular basis but after I started an accountancy course a few years ago I had to stop. My manicures were always getting tatty from filing and data entry. I think there is nothing worse than having grubby looking fingers with chipped nail polish.

This choice of colour was inspired by Charlie of Lady of the Lane. She did a nail post a few weeks ago with Essie Coat Azure and asked if she was ‘too old’ to wear blue polish. Even though it seems crazy to think this way, I know how she feels. Brighter colours are usually reserved for the younger amongst us but her nails looked great and I thought I should follow her lead.

Now I’m no nail polish expert as you’ve probably gathered, and I chose this because I don’t like waiting for nail polish to dry. I used Rimmel 3 in 1 as a base coat and applied two coats of the Catwalk Couture. It says it’s a ‘single coat high shine colour’ but I definitely needed two coats. I didn’t bother with a top coat as it didn’t seem necessary. This goes on pretty easily even though it feels a bit thick at first. It says it dries in 60 seconds and it really does. I’m always suspicious of ‘quick dry’ nail polish as I’ve always ended up having the tell tale ‘bed sheet’ marks on my fingers the next day.

This manicure probably took me about 5 minutes including the application of the Rimmel 3 in 1. I’ve worn in for about a week and save for a few little chips, it’s lasted pretty well and I’ve had loads of compliments on the colour. I guess the only thing I don’t like about the colour is that it highlights how ridge-tastic my nails are. Does anyone else have this problem?

I will be doing some more polish posts in the future, and I may even have a go at nail art at some point. I’d love to do a leopard nail with some odd colours. I’d like to mention that I’ve borrowed the term Nail of the Week (NOTW) from Courtney over at Glamourus Barbie. She’s got a fabulous blog and she’s only 13!!!! I’ve asked her to do some guest posts for me in a couple of weeks so look out for them.

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  1. Oh I love that! Must pick it up.

  2. Pinkty says:

    I like 17 Nail Polish, they are cheap but good quality and this blue is quite nice :-)

  3. I have never tried 17′s polishes, but I think it’s time I did. I know the feeling of “am I too old for this colour”, but I say go for it! Polish is in my opinion one way of really having fun with colour even after you hit 30. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with bright purple eyeshadows anymore, but bring on the bling nails!
    Really like your blog by the way :)

  4. Shoezanne says:

    Ooh I do like this, it looks quite similar to Rimmel Sky High but more blue. On the chipping note, my nail varnish never seems to last more than 2 days without chipping or wearing at the edges, I don’t know how I manage it.

  5. says:

    @Sweet Miss Jo – It really is a cute colour for Spring/Summer and would probably look on toes too!
    @PInkty – I was surprised at the quality too, even more that it actual dries so quickly.
    @The Nail Buff – I know what you mean about bright coloured shadows I stopped wearing those years ago – hello Dame Edna!
    @Shoezanne – I find if I use a top coat and wrap it round the tips and underneath it will last a bit longer. Even polishes that they ‘chip free’ will wear off eventually.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies – I really appreciate your comments!

  6. Joy says:

    Ooh, lovely colour!! I have a few 17 nail polishes and really like them. xx

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