Nacho Lip Balm, Bacon Lip Balm, Pickle Lip Balm

Now I’ve seen everything – savoury lip balms!

These were brought to my attention by Canadian makeup brand Annabelle. I like most of the female population love lip balm and I have entire basket full that I doubt I will ever get round to using although I keep telling Jamie the I most definitely will! These lip balms are definitely different and would probably appeal to someone. Jamie suggested that if they made a burger lip balm I would definitely get more kisses. Nice!

Available at Style Pantry!


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  1. love the design, but definetely would keep them for decor

  2. says:

    What you mean you don’t fancy pickle flavoured lip balm? lol

  3. Well, I could give it a try!

  4. rhamnousia says:

    My brother’s best friend bought his girlfriend at the time a tube of the bacon lipbalm and that very night she conceived.

    They’re married and all that jazz now and the baby is called Josh, although his unofficial name is Bacon.


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