Myroo Skincare Review | May Chang Polishing Body Scrub

Lemony lusciousness – Myroo Skincare May Chang Polishing Body Scrub

I was kindly sent this delicious tub of scrub by Rachael, the creator of Myroo Skincare. Myroo is small company based in Harrogate and Rachael has created ‘natural luxuries’ that you would find in posh boutiques sans the posh price tag. The range includes body butter, bath soaks and fizzes, lip balm and most importantly body scrubs. Everything is hand-made using only natural ingredients where possible and all products are free of parabens, SLS, and palm oil. Rachael also has big plans for 2017 including facial and foot ranges.

I was really excited when my package arrived at work and I got the usual looks that I get when boxes arrive for me, everyone wants to see what’s inside. The jar that the scrub comes in is adorable and is fully recyclable PET plastic but you can also re-use it when it’s empty. This retails at £7.00 for 250ml which I think is fantastic value for money, although I prefer a bigger tubs of scrub. Ideally this would come in 500ml size and I would expect to pay accordingly. I also like the fact that this has a best used before date on it, I don’t find those Period After Opening (POA) symbols on my products very useful. It may say 6M on the label, but I won’t remember when I bought it.

As soon as you flip open the lid the May Chang essential oil fragrance surrounds you like a little gang of lemons (with cute faces of course). As a matter of fact I could smell it while it was still in the box. At first it reminded me of American Lemonade or lemon sorbet, quite tart and crisp. As soon as you start using it though, it smells more like lemon drizzle cake or lemon french fancies. The fragrance lingers on your skin which is a real plus point for me, it winds me up when scrubs or shower gels have a fantastic scent only for it to disappear in minutes. The scent actually lasted all day and infused into my clothes – no wonder I was craving something sweet all day!

You may need to stir the scrub mixture as I found the sea salt had settled to the bottom. This is quite common with some scrubs and doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it. It’s ideal to mix it with a scrub spatula….don’t have one? Then any clean wooden or plastic spoon will do.

*doesn’t everyone have a few scrub spatulas lying around?*

The scrub mixture is quite oily so you need to be careful in the bathroom and it does state that on the packaging. The scrubby sea salt bits are immersed within the oils so they glide on. This isn’t as rough as I usually like it but as it’s a polishing body scrub this indicates it won’t be a hardcore exfoliator. This has a very uplifting quality to it and I found using it first thing in the morning was best. Afterwards you won’t need a moisturiser as the oils will nourish and care for your skin, especially if you suffer from dry legs. For this reason I probably wouldn’t use this in the Summer, but it’s perfect for any other time of the year.

Thanks again Rachael for giving me the opportunity to try your lovely scrub!

P.S. For all you mommies out there Rachael also has a baby range called Milly & Flossy so make sure you check it out.

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  1. Thanks so much for a great review. Really appreciate it. As I mentioned, you know your scrubs, so praise from you is very welcome! Rachael x

  2. says:

    Aww thank you *blushes* A xoxo

  3. LeanneOCD says:

    You have scrub spatulas?? I’m missing out aren’t I?!!?

  4. says:

    Leanne welcome to my world! Mwah ha ha ha ha……………

  5. Sarah says:

    Great review!

    I love the cute jar it’s come in…think I’ll have to treat myself and my Mum to some soon as pay day comes at the end of the month!

    I’ll also have to invest in some scrub spatulas….I don’t own any…yet!


  6. says:

    Hello Sarah – Scrub spatulas aren’t essential but they do help! he he

  7. nicoletta says:

    This sounds gorgeous, thanks for another great review, you are determined to make me spend xx

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