My sad little makeup collection part 5 – Lipsticks and lipglosses

My sad little makeup collection part 5 – Lipsticks and lipglosses

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Hello and Happy Saturday. Where did the week go? Sorry for the lack of posts but I’ve been really tired this week for some reason. Luckily Jamie and I have a long weekend so we are going to spend it catching up on blogging! Who says romance is dead?

The last post about my makeup collection is here. Drum roll please………..

My friend Christine will have a big influence on this post because if it wasn’t for her there wouldn’t be much to post about. She bought me the Korres lippies last summer. The last lonely one on the far right is Clinique.

So from left to right – Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, Korres Zoe Lip Gloss in Beige Pink 32, Korres Guava Lipstick in Nude 34, and Korres Mango Lipstick in Orange Brown 47. I’ve used the Clinique Black Honey since the 90′s after reading about it Allure Magazine and I think Madonna mentioned that she used it too. I’ve used the Korres ones for work as they aren’t very dark. Most women at my workplace don’t wear makeup or very little so if I came in with a full face I would probably look like a lady of the evening.

My dad bought me these Bath & Body Works Liplicious Lip Glosses! It’s great having parents that encourage my B&BW addiction. My dad even uses some of their shower gels and body lotions too, I’m very proud of him.

From left to right – Liplicious Passionfruit and Guava, One Hot Summer Vibe Mandarin Nectar, Liplicious Zoe Gelato Sheer, Liplicious Summer Vanillas Berry, Liplicious Summer Vanillas Coconut, Liplicious Summer Vanillas Lemon. These all smell divine and I will be using them again now that the Spring is on the way.

I was sent these Crazy Rumors HibisKiss Lip Colours by Super Smoocher for review back in July and you can read the full review here. I love CR lip balms and the HibisKiss smell just like sweeties.

Left to right – HibisKiss Tropical and HibisKiss Sunset. I’ve also used these for work as they look nice without being full on. I also like the fact they are are sheer so you can build up the colour if you want to. The Hibiskiss lip colours are made with natural mineral colours and are suitable for Vegans.

It may seem like a small collection compared to some of you out there but I hadn’t realised I had so many lippies. It’s obvious from the collection that the colours are all similar in the red/orange family. There aren’t many pinks and no darker colours. I’ve worn darker lipsticks in the past and even made the crime of using darker lip liner with lighter lipstick a la Mrs. Marshall Mathers…..I was going through my punk phase at the time so it went with my combat boots and blue mohawk.

So now that I’ve gone through my makeup I’m going to start thinking about what new stuff I want to buy and thanks to all you great makeup bloggers out there I’ve got quite a few ideas!

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