My 90’s hairstyle icons

My 90’s hairstyle icons


May 30, 2013 Beauty Bits, Hair & Nails 0 Comments

How long does it take you to get nostalgic for clothes or hair cuts you used to have? Every time I see someone with a mohawk or dyed blue hair I often think about my days in high school. Lately I’ve been thinking about what my hair was doing back in the not so long ago 90′s. I’ve never been one to copy trends but somehow my locks evolved into these now iconic cuts…

mia wallace

The ‘Mia Wallace’ from Pulp Fiction

I loved having this hair cut, and dyed it dark brown to match. Now whether it suited me or not was a different matter but I’m sure I rocked it. Let us not also forget about the gorgeous dark Vamp nail polish Mrs. Wallace also made popular for the rest of the decade. Thankfully I never smoked or snorted anything from a baggie!


The ‘Vickie Miner’ from Reality Bites

When I got bored with my Mia Wallace I went for the Vickie from Reality Bites. Which actually looks like a Betty Page hairstyle. Having a super short fringe is liberating but you need some seriously perfect skin and awesome eyebrows to pull it off. I love Janeane Garofolo’s brows and it’s the reason that today I hardly have any – they were plucked into perfect submission back then.

nancy the craft

 The ‘Nancy’ from The Craft

So what happens when you get fed up with having long hair – you cut it all off into a punky mess like Nancy from The Craft! Nancy was über cool, and my friend Maja agrees with me. Yes she was a little scary too but that was part of her charm. Note the lovely dark raisin lipstick of time and subtle multiple piercings before it all got a crazy.

gweneth paltrow sliding doors

The ‘Helen’ from Sliding Doors

By this time I had been in the UK for two years and I was seriously itching for a change so more hair got chopped and out came the bleach. This is another one of those haircuts you need good face for and again note the eyebrows. This style also begged you to wear hair clips, sliders, and big flowers.

So what styles did you have back in the day? Would you wear them now?

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