My 80’s beauty influences

My 80′s beauty icons – Where are they now?

Even though I spent the 80′s in my native US I’ve always had a fascination with the UK which is why I ended up here in the first place. After reminiscing the other day about how my looks have changed over the last 30 years I thought about having a look at my old beauty influences. Even though I did like Madonna and hippie chic Stevie Nicks, to me British popstars always had the edge on style.

First up on my list – Susan Sulley and Joan Catherall. You may not recognise the names but you will recognise their faces.

Yes the lovely ladies from the Human League! They were true New Romantics and I loved them. The first time I came to the UK on holiday in 1983 I remember seeing loads of girls walking around with their wedge haircuts, button earrings, streaky blusher and heavy eyeliner. I was only twelve at the time and I was in awe.

Here they are todayish. I suppose they both have worn pretty well. Philip Oakey on the other hand hasn’t changed much and looks better without his trademark lopsided hair.

Next up is Stuart Leslie Goddard aka Adam Ant. His sexy swashbuckling style caught my attention at the tender age of 11 in 1981 and I got the Prince Charming album for Christmas that year. I still remember opening it up and thinking wow look at him – why can’t all men dress like that? For some reason the Regency Pirate look was a winner with me.

As I got older I was able to get more ‘creative’ with my dress sense, I would regularly go to high school with frilly shirts, war paint, sashes and my dad even bought me a Tricorn hat to complete my look. My mom used to go ballistic when I would appear out of my room in one of my ‘outfits’ asking me if I was really going to school like that. I’m sure I gave her a few grey hairs back then!

Well Mr. Ant wouldn’t catch my eye now but he doesn’t look so bad for……………………….56!

Last but not least are the fabulous chicks from Bananarama; Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin and Siobhan Fahey. I got their first album ‘Deep Sea Skiving’ for Christmas in 1983. I thought these girls were the bees knees. Their messy hair, leggings, big earrings, and red lipstick were the epitome of cool for an American teenager in junior high in Colorado.

As you probably know Siobhan Fahey left the band and went onto form Shakespeare’s Sister in the 90′s. But Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward are still going as Bananarama. Considering they are both now 49, I think I’ll be looking to them for more inspiration as they look fantastic!

So ladies/gents who are your old beauty influences?

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  1. va says:

    I would say Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles , for fashion inspiration Jem , carebears , and my little pony . As far as these choices I can’t really think of anymore of the top of my head .

    Thanks and Happy New Year !

  2. Mercee says:

    Oh, I love everyone on this post and my influences were Bananarama, Human League and Pepsi and Shirley.

    They all look bloody good for their ages! Think I would still look at them for influence now if the above pics are anything to go by.


  3. Christine de Pizan says:

    The lady from the Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton! Not sure which brand of make up she uses, though :o )

  4. Fun post! (as usual) I always thought the gals from The Bangles were beautiful. Actually, they still are. And still rockin’ too!
    Tiffany (of course), Cover Girls and Expose round out my 80′s beauties.

  5. says:

    @va – I love the Care Bears! I think my mom still has my lucky bear somewhere in the house. x

    @Mercee – I forgot about Pepsi and Shirley. They had the best day glo accesories in the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go video. x

    @Christine – Only you would come up such an obscure reference ; )

    @Hey Lydia Happy New Year OMG Tiffany all that red hair and denim jacket much cooler than Debbie Gibson he he x

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