My 3 favourite hand scrubs for keeping your mitts soft and supple…

Holiday dishpan hands? My three favourite hand scrubs for keeping your mitts soft and supple…


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Growing up in an Italian American family my cousins and I had to wash a lot of dishes because of the steady stream of visitors over the Thanksgiving weekend (which seemed to last a week). We washed and re-washed the same cutlery, glasses, bowls and plates over and over again. There wasn’t a rubber glove in sight so our hands were constantly plunged in hot, soapy water. When you are 11 or 12 your hands can recover pretty quickly but as you get older you just end up with crepey rough skin.

I always use gloves to wash the dishes nowadays, but if you find yourself without the Marigolds these scrubs should make your paws look and feel better!

10055427Soap & Glory Flake Away

Technically this is a body scrub but because it is so gentle I prefer to use it as a hand scrub. This contains Shea butter and sweet almond oil so you get enough slip for a good scrub and the oils leave your hands soft afterwards.

I suggest you buy the travel size at £2.50 and keep it with your manicure kit as it’s great for lifting off remnants of glitter nail polish. Check out my post ‘How to remove glitter nail polish the COPD way’ for more details.




True Blue 60-Second Manicure Hand Scrub

This is sugar based exfoliator so it’s not scratchy (like salt can be) with a gel base for good movement. Also good for hands that do any manual or gardening work to help remove dirt and grime.

British readers will have to purchase this on their next holiday to the US as we know Bath & Body Works doesn’t have a shop in the UK. I hope they don’t discontinue this anytime soon – lately everything I like has disappeared. I’m sure it’s a conspiracy…


Apple-Jack-sugar-cubesMarshmallow Blends Shea Scrub Cubes

MB created by lovely lady Nicoletta has come up with a great solution for just using the right amount of scrub on hands and elbows. These gorgeous scented sugar cubes look like oversized sugar lumps but they are the perfect size for a mani or pedi.

They soften and melt upon contact with water and contain Shea butter and coconut oil to moisturise your skin. I keep mine by the sink when I want sweet, soft smelling hands.


Are there any scrubs you like to use specifically for your hands or is it just me?

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