Murad 3 Step Blemish Complex Sample Review

Saturday samples: 3 Step Blemish Complex

Along with with making sure I finish all the full-size stuff I have, I also want to concentrate on my growing mountain of samples that I get when I buy my beauty goodies online. Somehow I managed to run out of face wash last week which prompted me to start searching through my stash and I found these sachets that were all attached to each other.

I have no idea where or when I got these samples but I suspect they would have come from Lookfantastic as I order from them on a regular basis. This range is by Murad and I think they have changed the packaging as it looks different on their website. I only got four uses out of each sachet, so I can’t really do a comprehensive review but I can give you an overview of each step.

Step 1 – Clarifying Cleanser

This is a very thin, clear gel cleanser that has quite a strong smell of prescription acne medications of my youth. It lathers pretty well with a little water but you won’t get a face full of suds. I really enjoyed using this and it definitely made my face feel cleansed and fresh. This contains triclosan which is an anti-bacterial agent that is currently under review by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. I’ve used skincare with triclosan in it before and I’ve always seen a positive difference in my skin.

This retails at £23 for 200ml

Step 2 – Exfoliating Blemish Gel

Like the cleanser, this is a thin clear gel that you apply to your face after cleansing. It smells better than Step 1, but still reminds me of rubber cement or glue. This contains retinol, glycolic and salicylic acid to sweep away dead skin and prevent breakouts. At first I thought this was going to be a like a slimy serum but it’s not oily and absorbs pretty quickly.

This retails at £47 for 100ml

Step 3 – Skin Perfecting Lotion

The last step is probably the least exciting of the three as it is just an ultra-light moisturiser with a slightly medicinal scent. This also contains retinol along with Queen of meadow and algae extract and seems to have a mattifying effect after you use it.

This retails at £31.00 for 50ml

Would I buy any of these at full size? The cleanser and the blemish gel are really good and when used with the moisturiser my skin definitely looked fresh the next day. I don’t think I get enough breakouts to warrant buying this pricey regime though, my spots these days seem to take up residence mostly on my chin only at certain times of the month. I think if you have constant breakouts this would be good to try – if you can afford it!

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  1. Kizzy says:

    I have a mountain of samples too. Don’t think I will ever use them…Oh, the downside of being a skin care junkie! ;-)

  2. The Clarifying Cleanser sounds great! :)

    I usually don’t purchase high end products, but it is worth it sometimes for skincare.

    Great reviews, thank you for sharing.

    • says:

      The Cleanser is definitely worth a look but that is definitely at the top end of what I’d pay for face wash. Having said that it probably lasts several months. I do think some skincare at the higher end is worth the expense but I reckon most of it is overpriced!

  3. The Bristol Beauty Blog says:

    This reminds me I must use up my samples again… they just keep on growing! You really managed to make these stretch to get 4 uses out! I could do with the cleanser at the moment – my skin has been breaking out for about 6 weeks now! Eek! x

    • says:

      Hey BBB! I’m surprised I got that many uses too but I’ve realised squeezed the heck out of the sachets! :D

  4. nicoletta says:

    I have a big bag full of samples to use up too. In fact i think i have these exact ones :) they sound great i must get round to trying them lol x

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