Montagne Jeunesse Review | Face Masks

Inflation busting beauty from Montagne Jeunesse!

Well you’ve heard in the news that inflation has gone up again meaning that things are going to cost more. But thankfully that is not always the case. Montagne Jeunesse makes lovely face masks right here in the UK and at .99p you can’t go wrong! I have been a fan of Montagne Jeunesse masks for over 10 years. They are great when you want a bit of beauty retail therapy but are short on cash. I can usually get two uses out of one packet.

I love to keep the fruit ones in the fridge so they feel cold and refreshing. My favourite is the Sauna Masque which contains self heating therapy clay. It feels hot when you put it on your wet face and is great for oily skin. Considering the price you would normally expect low quality and questionable ethics. However all Montagne Juenesse products are all natural, Vegetarian Society Approved and Not tested on animals. The packets also make great gifts for teenagers who are new to skincare or for a cheap girls night in!

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  1. alex colville says:

    me and my friend have tried few of the montagne jeunesse range bu we have had problems with the masks as we use them at stay overs but we have tried the anti stress mask and both of our eyes and our faces were brought out in a red rash and we have had problems with the mint cherry leg masks aswell but have ha good times with many off the range and we are just saying be warned of the 2 products we have listed

  2. says:

    Hi Alex – thanks for the information, any skin care product can irritate your so we all have to be careful with everything. It’s a shame that MJ doesn’t work for you. I had the same problem with the Yes To Carrots, Yes to Blueberries, and Yes to Tomatoes so I just avoid them now.

    I hope you can find something that suits your skin type! Thanks for stopping by x


  1. […] I tried it a few times and it was alright but I’ve seen better results with a .99p mask from Montagne Jeunesse. I don’t think they even make this mask anymore as I can’t find it on their website. […]

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