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Molton Brown and the City

I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the new Sex and the City movie. I’ve seen every episode a million times, watched the first movie a million times and now I need more. HBO left a void in TV viewing in 2004 which they only recently replaced with True Blood. I love every aspect of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. They represent the ‘four temperaments’ of human personality. I also love Molton Brown so in honour of the new film I’ve matched up their personalities to Molton Brown shower gels.

Carrie – she is the humanist of the group. She likes to talk about her feelings and relationships. She is also a free spirit with her über-stylish fashion sense that only she can pull of. Carrie is Inspiring Wild Indigo.

Miranda – she represents the competitive element. She is the no nonsense voice of the group and takes her career seriously. For those early mornings and long days she has to alert ready for anything. Miranda is Vitalising Vitamin ABC.

Samantha – she represents the spontaneous element. She is a here and now kind of gal and doesn’t look back. She is confident and sexy and isn’t afraid to show it. Samantha is Sensual Hanaleni.

Charlotte – she represents the methodical temperament. She is a traditionalist at heart, waiting for her prince charming. Never crude or crass, a true lady for the 21st century. Charlotte is Heavenly Gingerlilly.

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