Molton Brown Review | Summer Skincare

Perfect Summer Skincare Cocktail – Molton Brown on Ice!

Summer is here although I’m quite sure it will leave just as soon as it’s arrived! In the meantime, it’s time to re-think the skincare regime because the warmer weather means my oily skin will just get greasier as the day goes on. I need something light and refreshing that keeps my complexion in balance and cool as a cucumber i.e. doesn’t make my foundation melt down my face. Here’s my recipe for fab summer skin!

Take one pump of chilled Molton Brown Skinfresh Facial Wash to gently cleanse the skin. Contains natural pineapple and lime extracts to exfoliate, American willowbark to re-balance moisture levels. This smells gorgeous and is a real pleasure to use.

Next take one cotton wool pad and add some chilled Molton Brown Skinbalance Toning Lotion to refresh your face. This toner is alcohol free and contains pink grapefruit and lime to brighten your complexion. It’s also fantastic at removing facial mask residue. Smells like a G&T too!

Lastly take a small amount of chilled Molton Brown Active Defense City-day Hydrator with SPF 15 and apply wherever needed. Contains Indian Water Lilly flower to cool, soothe and soften. This is a perfect moisturiser for summer, it’s light, fresh and absorbs quickly. Helps keep your ‘face’ intact whilst at the office or balmy evenings in the beer garden.


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