Molton Brown & eBay – Buyer Beware

Molton Brown & eBay – Buyer beware!

I know a lot of people use eBay to find a bargain particularly on those beauty brands that are more expensive. I’ve used eBay myself to find limited edition Bath & Body Works shower gels and scrubs and I’ve seen shower gels go for $100, yes you read that right $100! I also know that some people get gifts that they don’t like and they want to get rid. I personally think selling my Molton Brown shower gels would be the equivalent of smoking crack – extremely stupid! However there are some people out there that don’t appreciate what it is.

The issue I have with Molton Brown on eBay is probably similar to the issues that other brands face. Is it a genuine product, ranges that have long been discontinued/old stock, and items re-packaged made to look like they would be sold that way. I’ve trawled through the auctions and copied some examples of crimes against Molton Brown. I’m not going to name and shame the sellers, I just wanted to bring it to your attention. These pictures are quite small but I think you will get the idea.

Old stock – Molton Brown changed their small bottle tops from black plastic to silver domes and onto embossed silver which has been standard for several years now. These items that are for sale have probably come from hotels or British Airways bags and you can see difference in the first two pictures where there are newer bottles of the left and older ones on the right.

Repackaged items – Molton Brown go to great lengths to design their packaging and colour themes. They would never ever put their goods in a cheap plastic bag with tassels and a shower pouf. They also do not sell 30ml products packed in boxes of tissue with your choice of box colour. The smaller 30ml and 50ml items are given as samples in the stores and concessions or in toiletry bags for British Airways and selected hotels.

Samples or bulk packages – Why on earth would you would buy an old store sample or shower gel in a plastic jerry can. I know when I worked at Molton Brown some of the staff at the factory in Bishops Stortford would take home shower gel in this manner so who knows where these could have come from.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I’ve seen old makeup, overpriced smaller bottles, and items that are so old they have become discoloured. The worst crime I’ve seen which I unfortunately didn’t download a picture of before the bidding finished, was a Molton Brown shower gel bottle that was clearly filled with another product! I’m all for a bargain but some things just aren’t worth the hassle. I always get my Molton Brown from their shops or concessions or authorised dealers such as Mankind and Beauty Expert.

I hope you found this post useful. It’s my 1st blogging birthday next week and I’ll be doing a lovely Molton Brown giveaway so watch out for it!

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  1. LeanneOCD says:

    Wow, people will really screw you over to make a bit of money! If you like high end brands, such as Molton Brown, you have a feel for what the product is like when you pay full price. The packaging, even the smell perhaps.

    But if you’re watching YT videos and think “ooooooh I’d like to try that. I’ve never tried Molton Brown before”, then you might not know what to expect – and then end up getting ripped off!!

    I’ve seen on eBay things going for silly money. When I was looking for the Wet n Wild 8 pan palettes last week, they were way above the $5/6 they are in the US. Guess its a sellers market. Thanks for the info on how not to get stung. It’s really useful :o ) x

  2. says:

    Hey Leanne – Thanks for your comments and you are right, if someone hasn’t heard of a brand before and they don’t have the option of popping into a shop to see it for real they will have no idea what to expect. This is where sellers really make their £ with the Molton Brown smaller bottles. I guess I can’t blame people for trying to make a bit of dosh but I hate it when they re-package something to make it look like it would be sold that way.

    Thanks for stopping by x

  3. Sultry Red says:

    Its always good to know what to look for when buying off ebay… I wouldnt have know about the lids and whatnot…

    Got any more spot a fake storys to tell??

  4. says:

    Hello my darling Red! – Molton Brown is the brand that I know best but Cosmetic Candy (Rowena) buys a lot of makeup on eBay and she’s done a few posts about spotting fakes and which buyers try to rip you off.

    A x

  5. Sultry Red says:

    Thanks very much hun, I shall go check it out now. :D

  6. sam c says:

    You worked for Molton Brown??? Why on earth did you leave? lol

  7. says:

    Hey Sam! I know sounds crazy right???? I just couldn’t sustain living in London anymore. Even though I loved my job I just didn’t make enough so I moved to Nottingham. It was fate really as after I left my job moved to the factory and if I would have stayed I still would have had to quit because I wouldn’t have been able to commute to Bishops Stortford. Shame really it was the best job I’ve ever had! :D

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