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Miss AKiehl’s Acai Texture Perfecting Cleanser

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Happy Friday everyone! Another one of my favourite beauty bloggers takes over today, the Estonian Goddess that is Miss A from Beauty and Makeup Boudoir.

Firstly, , thanks for asking me to guest review this for you. Your blog is one of my firm favourites so it’s an honour to be able to do a guest post for you. But hey, let’s not get too gushy and all that. I’m here to review a cleanser sent me a few weeks ago. It’s called Acai Texture Perfecting Cleanser and is by a brand called Kiehl’s. I’m sure Kiehl’s don’t need introducing as has written about their products before (and seems to be a big fan of their stuff too). However, to me Kiehl’s is a brand that I had heard of but I had never tried any of their products.

Now, let’s see what Kiehl’s themselves say about this cleanser. They promise it will ‘thoroughly cleanse to remove excess oil, impurities, and environmental debris; help to preserve skin’s natural moisture barrier; and reveal a healthful, radiant clarity to skin.’ Sounds ah-mazing!

My experience with it? OK, so I already mentioned to that I wasn’t overly impressed by it. I told her how it doesn’t really foam that much and how I’m finding it a bit difficult to get my make up off with it. Yiss yiss, I do use eye make up remover so mascara/eyeliner isn’t a problem but the foundation/powder is/are. Wait, what am I talking about? I’m sounding way too negative although I actually think it’s a decent cleanser. Smells lovely (I’d like to think that’s what Acai berries smell like), and there is a lot of foam initially. Also, it does help with oiliness (girls, my skin’s super oily and not many products work!).

So there, a few positives for you. And now, I’m sorry but… I’m going to have to tell you all the not-so-positive bits.

Firstly, I said it foams well initially and hey, ‘initially’ is definitely a key word here. After applying this to my face, the foam kind of disappears. I’ve never had this problem with any cleanser and am not sure what’s going on but I feel like I need good few pumps of this product to actually get a lather. Also, it doesn’t take all my make up off (as mentioned above). My face FEELS squeaky clean after using the Acai Texture Perfecting Cleanser but when I use my toner afterwards, I can see a lot of dirt coming off on the cotton pad. And that dirt shouldn’t really be there.

I always feel bad about slagging off something and I try to be kind of ‘okay, this wasn’t for me but you may like this’. And I’m exactly the same in this case. It is a great face wash for combination and oily skin because it does help to remove excess oil (yuck) but I think that, perhaps, it would be better suited for someone who doesn’t wear as much make up as I do. Oh, and for someone who doesn’t care about how much a product lathers. Maybe I’m crazy or OCD or whatever but I can’t stand it when something just disappears into my skin. I usually get paranoid that said product isn’t doing its job properly and end up using double the amount (to get the lather or whatever).

Acai Texture Perfecting Cleanser costs £20.50 and you can buy it on Kiehl’s website. Would I pay that much? I think you and I know the answer :) Just don’t be put off because of my review. What doesn’t work for me, may very well work for you! Thanks, ladies and a massive thank you to . It’s been a pleasure!

Thanks you Miss A, you’re welcome back anytime my dear xoxo

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