Malia J Peppermind Lip Scrub Review

Malia J Peppermint Lip Scrub

Nearly two months ago I was contacted by Mary Jean of American beauty brand Malia J asking if I wanted to try one of her lip scrubs. I don’t think I believed the email at first as it took me a few weeks to get back to her. Mary Jean kindly sent me her Peppermint lip scrub which was lovingly appreciated at the COPD household.

The scrub comes in a cylindrical (big word) tub with a screw top lid. As soon as you open it, the peppermint scent goes right up your nose and smells like candy canes or Trebor soft mints. The scrub, as you can see from the picture above is quite solid but soft. This scrub itself is made up of many oils including sunflower seed, castor seed, coconut, and contains beeswax, sugar, and flavour.

This scrub is very gentle but effective. The oils make it easy to slide the scrub around on your lips and the sugar grains are small and evenly sized. This stuck to my lips better than the Lush lip scrub I reviewed a while back. I even got Jamie to try it and he said he would never use lip scrub but he loved it although he did also ask if he could eat it. And he asked if he could eat it as he was licking his lips……

The one thing I have noticed since it’s been so cold outside is that the oils in the scrub do become more solid. I’ve kept mine in the bathroom and the radiator in there is the size of postage stamp so I might as well have an outhouse. I found it’s best to put a bit of scrub in my palm and rub it around first to warm it up and then apply it to my lips. Again from the picture above you can see it starts to ‘melt’ on contact with skin. Malia J recommends using a a moistened cotton pad to remove the scrub and it does come off fairly easily if you haven’t applied too much. You don’t need a lot of scrub to exfoliate your lips so this should last a while – unless Jamie decides to put it on his toast!

I also asked Mary Jean a few questions about Malia J:

When and why did you start Malia J beauty?

I launched Malia J on 10-10-10. I wanted to create a natural beauty line with ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

What are your influences for your products?

My influences come from everywhere. It could be a person, a place or a thing that inspires me to create a certain product or flavor.

Tell me about the degree you’ve just finished.

I just finished my Associates in the Medical Field. I plan to take a year off and nurture Malia J before completing my Bachelors.

What are your plans for Malia J in 2011?

I plan to launch a line of lipsticks and colored glosses.

Malia J lip scrub is available from her website and she currently ships to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The lip scrub is also available in Caramel Drizzle, Vanilla Bean, and Orange Chocolate Truffle and retails for $18.00. Thanks Mary Jean for answering my questions and of course the gorgeous lip scrub!

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