Macadamia Natural Oil for hair review – mask and oil

What Laura Loves: Macadamia Natural Oil for hair


Oct 15, 2013 Hair & Nails 3 Comments

I think I have found my new essential product! In its unassuming little bottle, the Macadamia hair treatment oil doesn’t look much, but it makes big claims, promising to reduce hair drying time by up to 60% (yeah right, I thought!) as well as moisturising, conditioning, and locking in my hair colour for longer. I saw this as a challenge!…

The Oil

I washed and towel dried my hair, rubbed a small amount of the oil into my hands, and applied it to my hair. The oil is thick, so it is easy to pour the right amount, and it smells divine.

My hair is fairly short, but it dried noticeable more quickly with the treatment oil, so for someone with long hair this would be a real time saver (although you would need a bigger bottle of oil). My hair also felt really soft, but wasn’t so soft that I couldn’t do anything with it, and it seemed to be in better condition after being dried and straightened than usual, and didn’t feel at all greasy or weighed down, which I was a bit worried it might. The instructions say you can put a little on your hair when you are dying it to lock the colour in for longer, so that is something I have yet to try.

I wash my hair every day as it goes greasy quite quickly, and sometimes twice per day if I’ve been to the gym, which tends to strip the colour from my hair quite quickly, so if using this oil makes my colour last longer, it will be another big bonus to this little product.

The Mask

The other product in the box is a hair treatment mask, which you leave on for 7 minutes after washing your hair, then rinse off. It is like using a thick conditioner, and has a similar smell to the treatment oil. Again, my hair felt noticeable softer and looked very shiny after using the mask. I don’t often use hair masks, mainly because I never seem to have time to spare to let it soak in, and after one use, I didn’t think the effect was much different to using the oil treatment alone (it may make more of a difference if your hair is quite dry), so I would probably just stick to using the oil treatment each time I wash my hair.

I have already purchased a full size spray bottle of the oil treatment so I don’t run out! Definitely a success!


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  • Ashley
    Oct 16, 2013 at 5:09 am Reply

    I love the smell of this hair oil but I won’t be repurchasing on account of the silicones in the ingredients list!

  • Marilina
    Oct 26, 2013 at 5:28 pm Reply

    Lucky you laura! I bought this oil a couple of months ago and it did nothing for mi fine, frizzy, damaged hair..I tried it on dry and wet hair, I even tried warming it, but nothing happened…(mine didn’t come with a mask though.

  • Laura
    Oct 28, 2013 at 10:29 am Reply

    Eeek! I didn’t look at the ingredients. That’s a bit naughty really, as they give the impression it is the pure oil. Marilina, the new one I have purchased is the spray on oil, and to me this doesn’t work half as well. sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. My hair isn’t in too bad condition anyway, so perhaps drier hair needs something a bit more intensive.

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