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Crude oil – How to get rid of your shiny face

Having oily skin is a mixed blessing for me. While it’s annoying having to mop up the excess grease, my skin type may help me stay looking younger for longer. All the advice I’ve ever been given/read about on how to treat my oily skin has been roughly the same. Use gentle cleanser, oil free make-up, non-drying toner etc. I’ve tried oil control lotions and I hate them with a passion. They all feel like a facial mask that I haven’t quite wiped off. No matter what I’ve done, my skin still gets greasy. When I used to work in retail my colleagues and I would cut up the tissue that we would use to wrap clothes in and use it to dab our face. Instead of fighting with my over zealous sebaceous glands I’ve learned to live with them, with a little help.

Papier Poudre – These were my first foray into oil blotting papers and I got them at The Body Shop. The cute packaging drew me to them.  The little book contains small sheets of powdered paper. They did absorb the oil on my face but I wasn’t keen on the powder they left behind. They are still available at Victoria Health.

MAC Blot Film – These are quite big and are like a flimsy piece of plastic. I use to buy these when I was getting a substantial discount at MAC whilst attending London College of Fashion. They seemed like a bargain at the time and they are good but quite expensive if you pay full price. They also aren’t the most dainty of things to use. People would ask me why I was sticking a blue post-it note to my face when I used them! Available at MAC.

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets – I’ve used these for what seems like forever now and I think these are the best oil absorbing sheets out there. They are smaller than MAC Blot Film but I find these easier to use. Depending on how greasy my skin gets I probably get through 2-3 a day. My only gripe is that they are no longer available in the UK. Thankfully I can get them on ebay fairly cheap from various sellers in Hong Kong. They may not have the vintage look of Papier Poudre or the chic of MAC Blot film but I can overlook it on this occasion. Available on Ebay.

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