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He said/She said – Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

This is the weirdest smelling body scrub I’ve ever encountered. It reminds me of burnt rubber tyres or plastic. I thought the scent would be like Ocean Salt as it has similar ingredients, but it’s nowhere near the delightful aroma of OS. Strangely though when Jamie uses it, it smells refreshing???!!!


I agree with that the scent is a little odd, and it does remind me of rubber tyres too but not in a bad way. We both like Ocean Salt and this doesn’t smell anything like it.

The texture is okay if a little runny, it could do with being thicker so it would be easier to use. The scrubbing grains aren’t super rough more like loofah but there are plenty of them and they are evenly spread throughout. This does leave your skin with a silky residue but it’s not oily.


This has a good even consistency, it’s easy to apply and rinses off easily too. This is important to me because as I’ve probably mentioned before that I’ve got a hairy chest and I find oily scrubs difficult to rinse off.  This has good scrubbing action somewhere between gentle and hardcore.

This is £7.35 for 330g which I think is great value for money but because it’s so runny I ended up using a lot more. I don’t this would last that long if Jamie and I used it several times a week.


I wouldn’t use this everyday, getting the screw top lid off is a bit of a pain and I would only be able to get about 3-4 uses out of this so I would save it. This has a longer expiry date than other Lush things so you can keep it for longer.

I wish I had Ben’s job!

I like the idea of this but I wouldn’t buy it again, it was quite disappointing on the texture and scent.


If ever changed her mind and did buy this again I would be happy to use it. It’s not that expensive and the scent is different from the typical shower gels which makes it unique. I have to say though I would never step foot in a Lush store on my own to buy something!

Who else has tried this – what did you think? (A – I still think it stinks!)

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  1. Miss A says:

    Great review, & Jamie :) (the ‘He said/she said’ posts are my favourites, by the way)

    But re that scrub – not sure I’d buy it either now because I’m a big fan of sweet and/or fresh smelling products. Rubber tyres? Um, not my thing :-P
    BUT I will have a sniff (ahem) next time I’m in LUSH. Very intrigued!


  2. says:

    Hey Miss A – I think it’s the mimosa scent that really puts me off, I’m sure other people think it smells okay but it just makes me re-coil in horror when I go near it! Please do let me know what you think tho! :D

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