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Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub 25g

I’ve been looking for a new lip scrub to try for ages because as much as I love my Sara Happ lip scrub I always think that there might another one out there that’s better. But really I’m just greedy and love beauty products so when I popped into Lush and saw these I thought I’d give one a go. I’ve used Lush on and off now for a few years, and I would always recommend their Ocean Salt which is a great exfoliator for face and body.

I was a bit disappointed with the choice on offer. There is Bubblegum, Mint Julips (chocolate and mint), and Sweet Lips (chocolate with vanilla extract). I love chocolate just as much as the next person but I think chocolate beauty products have been done to death. It would have been great to see a coffee or cocktail flavoured (as the name Mint Julips suggest) one and who knows maybe it’s on the cards.

I chose the Mint Julips just because I wasn’t keen on the other two. This comes in a lovely little glass jar that you could re-use and the scrubs have been approved by the Vegan Society. The scrub smells like After Eight Thin Mints but doesn’t have any calories so it’s perfect for slimming if you love the smell of chocolate but can’t have any. However the Lush gal that sold it to me says the scrub is edible. All it has in it is Castor sugar and some organic oils and extracts so is safe for human consumption. This is good to know because when you use it, some of it does end up in your mouth. The peppermint oil also gives your my mouth a tingly feeling which is quite nice. Compared to Sara Happ lip scrub this is quite thin as it doesn’t have any petrolatum to hold it together. I would recommend using the Mint Julips scrub whilst in the shower so you can rinse it off easier.

So does it work? Yes the little grains of sugar do a fine job of taking away dead flaky skin and you don’t need much to do it. I did taste it and it was okay but it’s not something I would actively consume. How does this compare to Sara Happ? I only just prefer the SH lip scrub but the Lush lip scrub is about 75% cheaper! So if you’ve want to try a lip scrub but don’t want to spend a lot of money than I would go with Lush.

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