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Oct 21,

Lush Maple Taffy Lip Balm 10g

This is part of Lush’s new Christmas range and I told myself that I wouldn’t be reviewing any Christmasy things before November. However I think this would qualify as being Autumnal. I also told myself that I wouldn’t buy another Lush lip balm because unfortunately I don’t really get on with them. I’ve bought two before, Whipstick which is still available and Let Them Eat Cake which was a holiday limited edition a few years back. I never finished either of them. Whipstick is an orangey chocolate lip balm which was okay but wasn’t what I expected. Let Them Eat Cake was just plain awful. The smell changed after a while and I couldn’t get it to spread around no matter how much I rubbed it.

This is one of the annoying things about Lush lip balms. If you don’t like dipping your finger in creams or lip products then you would probably avoid this anyway. I don’t mind using balms that come in tins but if it does I expect it to be easy to get out. Lush lip balms are hard and gritty in texture which makes me wonder why I keep bothering to try them.

This is meant to smell like maple taffy which lets presume is something sweet. It does initially smell sweet and when you get caught up in a buying frenzy at Lush like I did, I convinced myself it smelled of buttery maple syrup pancakes like the picture above. Well I’ve used it several times now and even did the kiss-ability test with Jamie and he says it smells like coconut which is the first ingredient in oil form. Maple syrup is the second ingredient but there doesn’t seem to be any trace of it as the coconut completely overpowers it. So where does that leave us?

Lush make loads of fantastic stuff but their lip products for me, leave a little to be desired. If they want to get me on board they need sort out the texture and scent. They have great ideas for their ‘flavours’ but what seemed like a great idea hasn’t translated very well. As far as beauty regrets go this isn’t too bad. It only cost me £2.50 so I will still be able to eat for the rest of the month.

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