Lookfantastic haul

Mini haul from Lookfantastic

These haul blog posts are still new to me. I never know the number of items you need to have for it to qualify as a haul, I’ve tried googling it but I am still none the wiser. The results just throw up loads of haul vloggers which is too advanced for me at this stage. I’m not quite ready to video my purchases. I’m sure though by the time I get the courage to do so that ship will have sailed and everyone will have moved onto something else! Anyway I will call this a mini haul as it is under ten items. Those are my own rules that I’m going to stick with.

Online beauty retailer Lookfantastic recently had a 20% off end of season sale and Jamie suggested we stock up on Korres shower gel. They were truly a bargain at £5.60 per bottle. We got Cedar, Citrus, Fig, Vanilla Plum, and Guava. I also bought some other brands that I’ve never used before, including He-shi (love the name) body scrub, Lavera rose toner, Jurlique love balm, and Philip Kingsley scalp mask. I will be doing a review on these products at some point in the next few weeks but I need to get through some other stuff first. My collection of shower gels has exploded recently and I currently have 14 different ones not including the stuff I’ve just bought. This also doesn’t include my collection of soaps. This is why I get annoyed when my friends ask me if I have any shower gel they can use when they stay over although they probably ask just to wind me up!

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