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Lessons I have learned from my two month spending ban

Well you can see from yesterday’s post I’ve not wasted any time in breaking out the plastic for some shiny new beauty booty. But instead of returning to my old spending ways, I’ve taken the two months to reflect on my buying habits. I’m certainly not going to go all new age on you and say that I don’t need anything or that I’m harming the environment by being a consumer – it’s too late for that anyway. I will always want new beauty products but I just need to be a smarter about what and how I purchase.

  1. Stop bulk buying – I get excited by shiny new things but I also have the attention span of a goldfish. As soon as I get something new, I find something newer to replace it. So my solution to this is buy little and often. Instead of doing a massive order from a beauty website or going on a Boots binge once a month I will space out my purchases so I don’t get bored so quickly.
  2. Purchase things I actually want – Now this sounds obvious but I get distracted by TK Maxx, drugstore offers, bogofs, pound shops, online beauty vouchers and the rest. This means I end up with lots of things then I lose track of what I have. I have started a spreadsheet of items I actually would like review when I see them on other blogs so I don’t forget.
  3. Invest more in smaller indie brands – I’ve bought a few things from Etsy, and tried things from small start-ups and the quality is just as good as the bigger brands. This will also stop me from getting bored with seeing the same stuff at Superdrug et al.
  4. Keep an inventory of my purchases – Again another obvious one but I bet a lot of beauty bloggers have ‘the box’ where they keep the stuff they buy to photograph/review, then it gets filled up and the overspill ends up all over the house. As soon as I buy something I will put it on my spreadsheet so I don’t lose track of it.

If you have any other suggestions for me I’d love to hear them, whether you are a beauty blogger or not.

Thanks for reading xoxo

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  1. Jade says:

    Great tips, I felt the same after my lil spending ban, though I didn’t last for very long, I came to realise that I don’t need so many of the same coloured eyeshadows, a gazillion foundations (just because I’ve seen so many great reviews) and to use things up before I buy more especially when it comes to skincare/haircare :)

  2. Ms Red says:

    Good idea with the spreadsheet, I keep meaning to do something like that cos I cannot be relied on to remember stuff (old age is creeping up on me)

    I realised a bit back that theres only so many products you can use at once… I think I had about 5 facial cleansers. I havent got anymore for a while and I still have plenty. :O

    Im not about to ban myself from spending, I just think Ill spend wiser…. and start a spreadsheet lol.

  3. I love this post . I am going through a time of reflection myself, and have written down a few points for myself, Your points 1 and 2 are identical to the gist of my spending curb. I also find I buy stuff in bulk, and half the time I hardly even know what I bought. I used to be terrible with buying all sorts of makeup, but now it’s mostly limited to polish thank goodness.
    I’m really happy for you that this spending ban has given some insights like that! x

  4. says:

    @Jade – It’s amazing what you can see when you take a step back!
    @MR – As much as I love my stuff there really is only so much one can use so it is a bit silly to have so many of the same thing!
    @TNB – I think as bloggers we are under pressure to constantly have the newest thing but really where is that pressure coming from? If someone wants to read about a product that’s been around ages they will, I know I do. There is no point in getting hepped over something that is supposed to be a fun hobby. I’ll change my strategy when I start making millions from my blog ha ha ha!

    Thanks for your encouragement ladies, it means a lot! xoxo

  5. Karla says:

    I also need to stop bulk buying and getting things just because they’re reduced because as soon as something new and shiny comes out I buy that and get a huge supply of things like i have now. Ahhh I’m so glad someone else is going to keep a list of everything they have because I do this too! I thought it was just me being a little OCD! I’ve started to think “do I really need it” when I see something I want to buy and 9 times out of 10 the answer is no so I keep my pennies, also for me as I currently work in a shop I see everything that’s reduced so with discount it’s even cheaper so buy it. With my new job this won’t be the case so my habits will hopefully improve. Sorry for the long comment! x

  6. says:

    Hey Karla – I think if you want to be organised you need to be a bit OCD otherwise you get overwhelmed and I think this where a lot of bloggers start to crack. If you are working full time, at home with the kids, or whatever you do in your real life the last thing you need is for your hobby to become a chore. Having a think about something before you buy is always a good idea well said!

    Glad you stopped by hun x

  7. rhamnousia says:

    I had the box when I was a new blogger, now the stuff is all over the shop.

    I’ve had a tidy up today and have made three piles. One for things to chuck, one for things to give to my mum and one for things I need to finish.

  8. says:

    Hey @Rhamnousia – I guess that’s what rainy bank holidays are for – clearing stuff out. I could probably go through my stuff again and give some the heave-ho as well!


  9. liloo says:

    Really lovely to read.
    ‘buy little and often’ <– this also works for me. I think, as long as I spend a fiver every week end or every other week end, I am happy. xx

  10. says:

    @liloo – Thank you hun! Spending lots of money really isn’t neccesary x

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