Laura’s review – True Blue Spa Green Tea Fizzy Foaming Face Mask

Laura’s review – True Blue Spa Green Tea Fizzy Foaming Face Mask


Nov 7, 2013 Skincare 0 Comments

Bath & Body Works has to be one of my all time favourite beauty brands. My childhood holidays to the States would not have been complete without at least five visits to Bath & Body Works stores, an arm full of apple scented glitter where an over-enthusiastic sales assistant had demonstrated their latest sparkling body lotion, and heading home with a suitcase full of fruity smelling products.

Whereas my taste may now have shifted somewhat away from such sweet and glittery lotions and potions, I’m sure I could still spend a happy hour or two browsing the shelves, and no doubt leave armed with a bag full of goodies! So I was delighted to recently re-kindle my relationship with Bath & Body Works courtesy of the lovely !

What it does…

The product I was to sample was Bath & Body Works’ ‘True Blue Spa’ range Green Tea Fizzy Foaming Face Mask. I have previously tried a fairly similar product by Bliss. The idea is that you pump out a small amount of the product and smooth it over your damp face, then leave it for five minutes to ‘fizz’ on your skin, then rinse it off. The texture of the mask is like a face wash, so it is hard not to rub it in too much to try to get it to foam up, but the bottle says it is important not to do that, as it will ‘oxygenate’ on it’s own a few moments after being applied.

The mask has a nice fresh scent, and it feels quite tickly (in a good way) when it is fizzing up, which makes it feel like it is doing something good! Don’t expect a lot of foam, the oxygenating process is subtle, but it certainly feels like it is working. The mask is easy to rinse off, and it left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised.

Green Tea Mask 2

Green Tea Mask 3

The Verdict…

The Bliss mask that I have used previously is for use once or twice per week, but this one gives the impression that it can be used every day, as it says ‘Use first thing in the morning as a foaming pick-me-up to get you going’. I’m not sure I would use it every day, as I don’t often have 5 minutes to spare in the bathroom to allow it to oxygenate, and I do like to rub a face way into my face to get rid of every last trace of make up. But I would be happy to add this to my beauty products to use as a skin reviver a couple of times a week, and I’m glad to see Bath & Body works are still making products for me to love!



Unfortunately it looks like our friends at Bath & Body Works have since discontinued this mask along with the Blackberry one I did a review for a few weeks ago. I think they have discontinued all the skincare from the range as I cannot find any on the website. This is the big downside of B&BW – even if a product is a best seller they can get rid of it without notice. However we keep going back for more punishment don’t we girls and boys :D

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