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Una bella pelle vellutata – Lacote Guam Algascrub Review 700g

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I think for as long as I have a blog or a least some kind of platform to talk about exfoliation I will always be looking for the roughest body scrub I can find. I don’t know why I am so obsessed with scraping every last bit of skin off my body – I just can’t help it! Ben, my ex used to say that I would be a psychiatrists dream patient as they would probably come up with loads of different theories for my fascination with desquamation.

I’ve been so disappointed of late with the slew of scrubs I’ve been testing that I didn’t think I wasn’t going to find anything to rave about any time soon. This Italian beauty brand I am happy to say has given me a reason to smile again.

Lacote is not a brand I’ve used before but seeing as they are Italian and I’m half that nationality I thought I should give them a go. Lacote products are all about GUAM algae and it’s benefits including ridding your body of cellulite. Let me just say what I love about this scrub is the size of the tub. I hate body scrubs that come in tubs the size hand cream. What’s the point if you only get one use out of it? The scrub is suspended in mixture of plant and essential oils but there isn’t a pool of oil floating on the top. I mixed mine with a little plastic scrub spatula just to even it out a bit. This contains marine salts so the scrubby bits are nice crushed chunky bits of beautifully fragrant sodium chloride.

The distinction of this scrub to the zillion other ones I’ve tried before is that you need to wash before you use this scrub (and not after) as soap/shower gel interferes with the affects. I would suggest you wash with a normal bar of soap, nothing fancy or moisturising, just soap. I used Wright’s Coal Tar Soap which is good at getting rid of dirt and oil and leaves your skin squeaky clean.

The best way to use this scrub is in small handfuls and I like to very vigorously rub it on all the different sections of my body. I found it really effective on my triceps (bingo wings) and inner thighs. You may notice that your skin goes a bit blotchy and red but this doesn’t last. You are meant to leave the scrub on for for a few minutes before you rinse it off to get the full effect. There is a lovely cooling tingling effect (from the mint essential oil) after you pummel yourself to death. Make sure you rinse yourself thoroughly as scrub can end up in the strangest places. You will feel a bit oily when you’ve rinsed it off but after you’ve towel dried most of it will come off and you will be left with a lovely sheen and a buff, sexy bod. Just a few warnings though, you cannot use this during pregnancy, breast feeding, or if you have irritated or broken skin. And as with all oily body products be extra careful when getting in and out of the bath or shower!

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  1. louise says:

    Indeed – Italians do it better… (sometimes!!)
    We have just added Lacote’s Guam Anti-Cellulite products to our website along with plenty of other niche brands so do have a look at

  2. says:

    Thanks Louise! I have some of their anti-cellulite products that I have yet try but I can’t wait to use them I love their stuff x

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