Kyoku for Men Review | Lava Mask

Kyoku for Men Lava Mask 120ml

This is available at Mankind!

A few weeks ago when Jamie was placing an order for some men’s bits at Mankind he stupidly asked me if I wanted/needed anything. He probably thought I would say no as it’s a men’s site. Yeah right like I wouldn’t find something to buy?! I’ve always loved scrubs and masks that contain dirt, grit, mud, sand, rocks etc. and men’s products seem to have these in abundance. I immediately spotted this lava mask under ‘Editor’s Choice’ so I knew I had to get it. When I opened the packaging it contained a little card that I would consider to be a ‘love note’ telling me it contains volcanic mud and sand.

The scent of this mask is really hard to place. It reminds me of the fresh air of the Colorado Rockies but it also reminds me of freshly washed laundry. I was expecting the mask to be black but it’s a very pale ash colour. There was a pool of liquid at the top when I opened it but you just need to stir it. The liquid helps to keep the mask from drying out. You can also add additional water if you need too. This was a bit tricky to apply. You need to make sure your face is damp otherwise the mask just keeps coming off and then you end up putting more on. Once the mask is on it starts to have an immediate cooling affect that lasts the entire time you leave it on. I don’t know if this is a side effect but it feels really nice. This says it will draw out excess oils and toxins from the skin so I left two angry spots unattended (it was very difficult to do) just to see if this mask would draw them to the surface and sure enough it did!

Just as it was difficult to put on, it was also a bit of faff to get off. It didn’t quite peel off it kind of came off in chunks. I made a bit of mess in the bathroom. Jamie asked me why it looked like someone dropped cement on the floor! For all the difficulties get it on and off the results are totally worth it. Plus the cooling feature of this mask is really unique, almost like you having an ice pack on your face. My skin felt so smooth afterwards that Jamie was eager to have a go. He also got fantastic results, smooth skin that looked refreshed and clear. I would definitely buy this again. If you have oily or problem skin (when mother nature brings your monthly bill) then this is a real treat!

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  1. Mick Fletcher says:

    Great review but the reason that this mask/scrub came off your face like cement chunks is because you most likely mistakingly used a cloth to take the mud off your face – you’re actually supposed to rinse it off with warm water according to the instructions and it glides off your face effortlessly.

  2. says:

    Thanks for letting me know Mick I never follow instructions for face masks. ; )


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