Kyoku for Men Review | Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Kyoku for Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub 100ml

Back in August I did a review for Kyoku for Men Lava Mask and I loved it. I don’t believe in products for men or women – I think anything in beauty should be available to everyone. I have oiler skin so men’s products work pretty well for my skintype.

This scrub has the same gorgeous smell as the mask which I described as freshly washed laundry. The consistency of this scrub is milky smooth and doesn’t produce a lather so you can use face wash afterwards if you want to. I usually use this in the shower when my face is already wet and apply it in circular motions as recommended. If you leave it on for a few minutes it produces the the same lovely cooling effect as the mask. I haven’t yet figured out what makes this cooling effect happen but it is very unique. The website says and I quote ‘Volcanic ash magnetically pulls oils and toxins from deep within dermal layers’. Mr. Kyoku are you trying to seduce me?

Jamie doesn’t like this scrub – he’s says it’s not rough enough but I disagree. I think the little grains of volcanic ash, rice bran, walnut shells, and adzuki bean powder (you can see them in the picture above) do a splendid job of exfoliating my dull skin and even though it doesn’t foam up it still rinses really well. This gentle lovely creamy paste also contains soothing goat’s milk so would be ideal for those with sensitive skin or anyone who likes mild exfoliation as the grains aren’t scratchy or abrasive. After I use it my skin feels very clean and fresh and quite soft.

This scrub and the mask go really well together – both are are effective without being harsh. I really love this range and I’m looking forward to trying more goodies.

This retails for £19 at Mankind!

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  1. Nick says:

    Because of your reviews, i bought the whole range! HAHA. I can’t wait to try everything. I have the kyoku cleanser, scrub, oil free lotion, spf 15 moisturizer, mask, eye refining lotion, and pore refining lotion! HAHAHA I’m excited.

  2. says:

    OMG! Well Nick you will have the best looking skin out there. You must let me know what you think of everything!

    A x

  3. Bogdan says:

    I bought the scrub and oil free lotion as well, will let you know how it works for my skin. :)

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