Kawaii | Purse | Clock | Mug | Pyjamas

Cuteness for the sake of it? I say kawaii not!

I’m always on the lookout for cute things. Seeing cupcakes, toast, or animals with a smiley face brings me such joy. If it’s on a beauty products like lip balms even better. However there other every day items that could do with a touch of kawaii so the world can be a happier place!

David and Goliath make loads of lovely kawaii things and this ‘I’m Toasty’ Women’s PJ set is my ideal nightwear!

No one likes to wake up in the morning but this old fashioned ladybug alarm clock helps me out of bed. Available at The Range.

Your morning coffee or tea will taste so much better in this Kawaii Mug from Cafe Press.

I would be happy to get out this french fries purse at the till when I pay for my grocery shopping. Available from Totally Funky.

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  1. Kimmy says:

    Oh my god!! i love EVERYTHING you’ve put up here!!
    especially the alarm clock and the pj’s!
    great taste!

  2. says:

    Hey Kimmy glad you like it. I don’t know where you are but if are in the UK the PJ’s can be found at http://www.chicksrule.co.uk or if you are in the US they can be found at davidandgoliathtees.com. I’ve seen them in a D&G shop in Hawaii they are really really good nice soft material too! x

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