Kawaii Beauty at Primark

Kawaii Beauty at Primark!

Primark to me is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. I hate Marmite and I hate even walking through Primark let alone shopping there. My first encounter with Primark was on Leytonstone High Road in East London 13 years ago. As a student it was a great place to get cheap socks, trackie bottoms and not much else. While I’m not against the revamp of Primark, going in there now fills me with dread. There is a massive one in Nottingham and I went there the first few times it opened. I didn’t stay any longer than five minutes as I was jostled around by greedy teens fighting over the fluoro clothes and cheap shoes. The other day I had a moment of madness and decided to cut through Primark to get to the square instead of going all the way round. As I went past the tills I spotted a beauty section out of the corner of my eye. I don’t know how long Primark has done beauty (probably since they opened the new store) but I was quite distracted. The selection of makeup looked pretty good with a lot of the packaging looking likes dupes of Benefit. I gravitated towards the bath and body section to see what was on offer in the cute packaging.

Cocoa Bean Body Butter -This smells a bit like chocolate and Shea butter. It is isn’t very thick so doesn’t really feel like a body butter more like a whipped lotion. It absorbs pretty quickly and makes your skin smell nice but the scent doesn’t linger. This would be good to keep in your desk at work when your hands feel a bit dry or in the kitchen after you’ve washed your hands.

Strawberry and Coconut Lip Balm – I couldn’t decide between the strawberry and coconut so I thought I’d get both. They are both clear when you but them on but they are more like a lip gloss rather than a lip balm. The strawberry one isn’t up to scratch but the coconut is like a proper clear lip gloss that would work well over lip stick. They both smell like their namesakes and only cost £1.

This range does come in other ‘flavours’ and would be good for pre-teens as teens nowadays have full on makeup at 13 (well at least the ones in Primark do). I’m not going to say the ‘C’ word but these would also make good stocking stuffers.

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