Juniper Ridge Sierra Cedar Soap Review

California Dreamin’ with Juniper Ridge

Soap usually gets pushed aside in my house for shower gels but I still like to try different and interesting bars from smaller companies. I made an order with Beauty Habit a few months ago and decided buy something from Juniper Ridge who like to create ‘unique wildcrafted products from the mountains and deserts of the West’. The company makes soaps, incense, sachets, teas, smudge sticks, and aromatherapy sprays.

I chose the Sierra Cedar scent and it doesn’t disappoint unless you don’t like soap that smells like the outdoors. I used the soap in the shower a few times and this lathers really well and doesn’t strip your skin. However the issue with having any soap in the shower is that it melts into goo so I found this better to use as a hand soap. I do wish Juniper Ridge would make their scents into shower gels because they are rustic and fresh and not necessarily masculine as they may sound. Juniper Ridge use tree trimmings to scent their soaps instead of aromatherapy oils or fragrance oils. So you are smelling the real scent of Sierra Cedar and not someone’s made up version of it.

Juniper Ridge also have big environmental credentials by using recycled packaging, green processing methods, and they donate 10% of profits to defend western wilderness in the US. I also like the look of their Cascade Glacier Gift Pack which includes Huckleberry Jam, Sisikyou Cedar Soap, Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea, and Cascade Glacier Aromatherapy Spray. Of course I’m also hoping that body scrubs and face masks might be on the Juniper Ridge menu one day. I can just imagine Western Juniper Exfoliator and Cascade Glacier Mud. You can order from Juniper Ridge directly or from Beauty Habit.

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  1. Sultry Red says:

    Sounds brilliant, the biggest problem I have with washing products is they always smell to sweet and sickly. Smelling fresh like outdoors sounds brilliant in my book. But Im with you, Id rather have a dedicated bath/shower product Im not a fan of soap in the tub.

  2. cbsg5861 says:

    Hi there! New follower here ;)
    I just wanted to say that I love your blog, especially the posts on lipbalms!!!
    Oh and I’m a big soap lover as well, so this post is right up my street…

    Mwah xx

  3. says:

    Hello Tabitha’s Mum – I’m glad there is someone else that shares my view on different smelling shower gels.

    @cbs5861 Hello my new Greek friend! I’m glad you found me because now I found you and we have the same passions.



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    […] oblem I have with washing products is they always smell to sweet and sickly. Sme […]…

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