January 2012 Empties from COPD

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January beauty: Studs & Duds

by on January 31, 2012 · 5 comments

Well there hasn’t been a whole lotta bloggin’ going on this month due to time constraints but I have been plowing through my stash like a good Skin Scrubber! This blue basket that you see in the picture is my official ‘empties’ holder that I use to keep them all in till the end of the month. Does anyone else have a designated container for their empties or is it just me?


I really thought I was doing well on the shower gel and body lotion front but after examining the evidence I’ve used up more hair products than anything else. I’ve now made it my mission for February to get grips with all the half used body lotions and creams that have taken up residence in my bedroom. My shower gels are getting used, I rotate them every week.

So moving from left to right top to bottom:

Cutex Nail Polish Remover – I’ve always used Cutex because that is the brand my mom uses.

Le Petit Marseillais Shower Gel in Apple & Rhubarb and Zoe Tomato – Yes, them again. They rock – we all know this by now.

Molton Brown – These bottles were just begging to be used, they’ve been half empty for ages. Two of my favourites Warming Eucalyptus and Vitamin A, B, & C.

Bath & Body Works – Pumpkin Spice Body Lotion and Shower Gel, the scent is one of my long time favourites. Bali Mango Creamy Body Scrub this lasted forever and I cut the packaging apart to get the last bits out.

Sephora Face Scrub – Jamie and I both loved this, I think he used it more than me!

Haus of Gloi Samhain Body Scrub – again we all know this is great stuff.

Le Petit Marseillais Shea Butter Hair Masque – reviewed last week on the post below this one.

Naked Curl Defining Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner – I love Naked hair products as does my hair.

Molton Brown Jackberry Hairwash – Jamie uses this, he has expensive taste!

The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo – love the scent and great for oily mops like mine. I would buy the full size one.

Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner – this saved my life as I ran out of conditioner and only realised it while I was already in the shower with a wet head.

DudsNot many disappointments this month which can only be a good thing right?Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream and Sugar Lip Polish – both overpriced and over-hyped. I used the lip polish on my elbows in the end.Molton Brown Toko Yuzu Shower Gel – Do not adjust your screens, yes that is an MB shower gel you see before you in the ‘duds’ pile. As you know I love my MB shower gels but this one totally Meh. It doesn’t really smell of anything and I just can’t get excited about it. There I said it.100% Pure Blood Orange Hydrating Body Wash – Now this should have been fabulous but stupid here didn’t realise that it was just going to be foam. I like thick gels for showering not fluff. I used this as a hand wash in the end as I wasn’t going to waste it but never again!So there you have it, and I still haven’t bought anything this month so spending ban has gone v. well I must say. I wasn’t even tempted by the umpteen discount vouchers that landed in my inbox from Beauty Expert, Mankind, Lookfantastic, and HQhair begging me to come back.So it’s off the recycling bin with this lot – what have you used up this month? Anything you’re glad to see the back of?Tagged as: Empties


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    Ayshe February 3, 2012 at 12:15 am

    That is a serious amount of stuff you got though. I found the Naked shampoo in the 99p store yesterday, have been wanting to try it for ages so I was very pleased!

    ReplyFebruary 5, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    Well it does help when you have two people using some of it. The only thing good things I’ve ever found it pound stores are cotton buds and nose strips! You must have a posh 99p store

    ReplyJade February 7, 2012 at 2:57 am

    Zoe Tomato shower gel sounds amazing!!!

    ReplyFebruary 7, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    I know right – it is pretty spesh I have to say as are all the other LPM shower gels!