Jamie & ’s review – Molton Brown for Men Skincare

Jamie & ’s review – Molton Brown for Men Skincare

by on June 27, · 5 comments

Thankfully my fiancé Jamie shares the same passion as me for good quality skincare products. He regularly uses my stuff and does on occasion buy his own. One of our favourite brands is Molton Brown and we wanted to review two products from their men’s skincare range.

Molton Brown Jade Face Exfoliator

Jamie – got me into Molton Brown. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing considering the price but it is quality stuff and I do enjoy using it. She came home with this exfoliator for me to try, but I know she had ulterior motives to nab it for herself.

I have quite a thick beard and I don’t get five o’clock shadow – I get eleven o’clock shadow! suggested I use this to exfoliate the dead skin and help lift the hairs of my beard before I shave. It sounded like logical advice to me so I gave it a go. I was greeted by when I walked out of the bathroom, she had the look of an excited puppy waiting for a treat. I really think she wanted me love it, but I have to say it didn’t do anything for me. Don’t get me wrong it is a quality product but I was expecting the scrub to be a bit rougher. I think this would suit men who have sensitive skin and can’t use anything too harsh. I’m lucky that I don’t get too much razor burn like other men, so I can use something less gentle.

– Of course I was disappointed that Jamie didn’t like this and yes, I had always intended to use it myself!  Jamie is right, this is a very gentle scrub that has quite small bits of ground jade stone suspended in creamy pistachio butter. The smell is quite neutral – not too blokey. In my fantasy land mind I was expecting to squeeze the  tube to see chunky bits of bright green jade stone suspended in a emerald coloured gel. I was disappointed on that front but that’s not MB’s fault. I agree it’s not as rough as I would want but I don’t think Jamie nor I were in the minds of Molton Brown when they made it. I will use this in winter and when I close my eyes I will pretend that I’m washing my face with little jade gemstones.

Molton Brown Deep Clean Mineral Ions Facewash

Jamie – I don’t think I had the heart to tell that I don’t really like face wash, but when she gets that excited look in her eye about a new product to try it’s best not to argue. I used this all week just to be sure I could give an honest opinion. In a similar vein to the Jade Face Exfoliator, I didn’t really get much out of this. I think I would prefer if I had a facewash that had exfoliating or ‘scrubby’ bits as calls them. I don’t think most men like to have lots of different products to use when they are getting ready in the morning. I know most girls (especially ) like to have an array of stuff to choose from when they are in the shower.

– I guess Jamie still has a long way to go before he understands the necessity of having lots of stuff. I love this face wash. It has a lovely scent that reminds me of grass (lawn – not the other stuff) it’s gentle and refreshing. I’m quite happy to put this in my regular rotation of face washes. I think I’m able to use this as I have oily skin similar to men’s but thankfully not the beard! Because Molton Brown products are high quality it’s very concetrated so all you need is a 20p size amount to wash your face so this will last a long time.

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Christine de PizanJune 29, at 1:34 pm

Top marks to Jamie for his review (and for being a guinea pig!!)


June 29, at 6:44 pm

Ha ha Jamie loves it really!


PeterJuly 26, at 1:36 pm

This is a great review, thank you for taking the time to put it together. I have used the Deep Clean Mineral Ions Facewash and really like it, and the Power-Boost Zinc Anti-Fatigue Hydrator (not much performance and not aromatic, but does give a good matte finish). I have recommended both to patients, however most of their skin improvement is down to various procedures. I like this men’s brand because it doesn’t cause shine, interfere with medical interventions and has excellent texture and form which lets healthy skin be visible.

I’ve tried Ultra Light Bai Ji Hydrator (a bit greasy, and ordinary); I’d like to try the Skin-Firm Lipoamino Hydrator and eye product.

Some of the other men’s products seem like they wouldn’t be anything special, and I don’t understand the place of the three different shaving options, but I like this brand so much I’ll nevertheless try these in time.


July 27, at 7:22 am

Thanks for the compliment Peter! Jamie also uses the moisture-rich aloe & karité ultrabar instead of shaving foam and he loves it. He doesn’t get on well with shave oils so I think it’s good that they offer a few different products for men to try. Men need options too, I’m all for beauty equality!


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