Jamie & – Korres Hair & Scalp Scrub 150ml

– Korres Hair & Scalp Scrub 150ml

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Jamie – I actually love Korres shower gel so when said she had something from Korres for us to try I naturally assumed it would be another one. I never thought I would find a toothpaste looking tube of scalp scrub waiting for me in the shower. This contains green silt and corallina oligoelements which are supposed to balance oily, dry or dandruff prone scalps. I do suffer from dandruff and oily scalp so I can understand why she bought it. Then again knowing she probably thought as it said ‘scrub’ there would be some kind of rocks or dirt it in!

I like the fact that this is in pump as it makes it easy to use. I really like the smell too but I would be hard pressed to describe it. In case you were wondering it doesn’t smell like a swamp even though the ingredients would suggest otherwise. I used this for a couple of weeks and I have seen an improvement in my hair. The strange thing is I don’t know what the improvement is. I think my hair feels softer, my scalp doesn’t itch but this could be down to the fact I’ve also been using Molton Brown Anti-dandruff Jackberry Hairwash which by the way is fantastic. I think this would be quite soothing and calming to someone who had a really irritated scalp and I would use it again, most likely in the winter months when my scalp is more flaky/dry. I just thought I would add that even though I found this easy to use, I have really short hair. If any of you ladies (or gents) out there have really long hair this might get a bit messy.

– Well of course I thought this was going to have rough scrubbing grains but I realise now that would be stupid because it would scratch your scalp. I really love the smell of this, I suppose there is something algaeish to it but like Jamie says it doesn’t smell like a frog pond. I have the oiliest hair in the world so I wanted to see if this would make an improvement. I struggled at first trying to get this into my scalp because my hair is longer. It feels all seaweedy and squidgy in my hair, and I used about four pumps of it and left it on for 10 minutes whilst I did my other scrubby bits. It rinses really clean and my hair felt really sleek afterwards but you still need to shampoo. I did notice that I didn’t need as much shampoo for a few days after I used it. I have coloured hair so I was a bit worried that this would turn my hair green and thankfully it didn’t. If you have dyed red or hennaed hair I don’t know if this would be a problem, you might want to ask your hairstylist before using it. I don’t think I used it long enough to see much of an improvement in my oiliness but it does give my hair more body and shine. This is a convenient, easy to use hair treatment that only needs to be used once a week. And because you don’t need much, it should last a long time.

This is available at Mankind!

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