Jamie & Julia – Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste 75ml

Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste 75ml



Jamie – I’ve never heard of Aesop before until Julia literally shoved this under my nose to smell it. It’s difficult to describe what this smells like but it has a medicinal scent to it. I don’t mind, it doesn’t stink or smell awful. After much pestering from Julia I finally gave this scrub a go. Now this I like! After my disappointment with the Molton Brown Jade Face Exfoliator I was pleasantly surprised by this. What I like about it is even though it isn’t a rough as some other scrubs it doesn’t leave your skin stripped or dry. It still feels nice after you wash it off. I didn’t think the little grains would do much scrubbing but it does do a good job. My only complaint though is I nearly fainted when Julia told me how much it costs!

Julia – I hate Aesop! When I say hate I mean I hate the fact they have now got me hooked on their skincare. This is only the second thing I’ve tried from their extensive range but I love it. I love the medicinal smell and like Jamie says this makes your skin feel good after you wash it off. The exfoliation grains are made up of crushed quartz (yes as in the mineral) and it it’s suspended in a creamy formulation that doesn’t foam. The quartz grains are very tiny but there are many per square centimeter. Remember this is very important in COPD land. I hate any product that calls itself a scrub when there is more gel/cream than scrubbing grains. I found this is also really good for exfoliating my neck, I sometimes get the odd break out there so this should keep them at bay. My only moan like Jamie is the price. This is £31 at Mankind . Will the price stop me from using Aesop – as if!

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