I couldn’t wait for it to come to the UK – Yes to Blueberries Skincare

I couldn’t wait for it to come to the UK – Yes to Blueberries Skincare

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I have no patience when it comes to new beauty booty. When I see something I like I want it now. Living in the UK really tests my patience sometimes because it seems that most of the stuff I’ve been after lately is only available in my native USA. I posted a blurb about Yes to Blueberries back in September which launched in October in the US. Well after a few weeks of sitting on the fence I decided I wasn’t going to wait for it to come to the UK as I wanted to try it now. I bought the Daily Repairing Moisturiser and Eye Firming Treatment as a set for $36.00 saving $3 from the Yes to Carrots website.

Yes to Blueberries is the 4th installment in the Yes to range which also includes Carrots, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes. All of the ranges are paraben and cruelty free and made with nearly 100% natural ingredients. I’ve used the Yes to Carrots Shower Gel, Face Mask, and Pampering Hand and Nail Spa which I will do a post about later in the week.

The moisturiser and eye firming treatment both contain Blueberry Juice as the first ingredient which is why I bought it. I want those little Blueberries to go to work on my 40 year old face with their anti-ageing dance! Both creams are very light and smell similarly fruity to my Good Things Face Wash which also contains Blueberries so I will be using them all together to give my skin a big berry anti-oxidant KAPOW!

The Yes to website says you should see results in 28 days but I’m going to do a review after 3 months as I don’t think 28 days is long is enough to see an obvious difference. However I could be proved wrong so watch this space!

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