Honey’do Shampoo and Conditioner

Beary cute shampoo and conditioner from Honey’do

My Canadian blogging buddy Cinammon Kitten recently did a review of this adorable shampoo and conditioner range called Honey’do. This is one of those beauty items that I would buy for the packaging alone. I honestly wouldn’t care if whatever was inside was utter rubbish – I would still whip out the old Barclaycard in a snap. CK gave it a pretty good review so though so it may be worth buying in spite of the cute packaging.

I did some investigation on the web about Honey’do and it’s made by A Beautiful Life Brands in Lambertville, New Jersey. I had to chuckle to myself when I found this out because I used to live not far from Lambertville many many years ago. So what is so amusing about that? Well Lambertville is the place that I made (to this day) the stupidest mistake in my life……just a warning this post is a bit long and off topic!

Things may have changed since I was last there but Lambertville was always one those places that you do not want to have a run-in with the police. To cut a long story short I got caught speeding on a suspended drivers license. Not just a few miles over the speed limit mind, I was going 65 in a 45. I was heading to the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) to get my license re-instated and little did I know that I wasn’t supposed to be driving even though the clerk at the DMV said it was fine. Obviously I must have spoke to either Patti or Selma from the Simpsons that day. When I went past the police car I immediately looked at the speedometer and I knew I was screwed. I had my combat boots on at the time and when I drove in those I was let’s just say a bit of a lead foot. I saw the police car screech to a stop and jump over the barrier to go after me like something in a film. I pulled over about 30ft away from the ‘You are now leaving Lambertville’ sign. The officer who got out looked like the one from Terminator 2 – except he didn’t ask me if I had seen John Connor. He wanted my license, registration and insurance.

Well I had two out of three but that wasn’t good enough. My car got impounded and I was taken to the police station. My boyfriend at the time came and got me and we got my license sorted and my car out of the impound lot the next day to the tune of $200! The best bit was yet to come though, I had a summons to go to court and I had to pick my parents up at the airport after their holiday in Spain. As I helped them with their luggage I didn’t have the heart (or balls) to tell them what had happened. I waited until we got home and told my mom first and the look on her face said it all….and then she didn’t speak to me. I got the same from my dad when he found out. I just have to add that my car insurance was already through the roof at this point because of previous speeding tickets so they weren’t impressed.

Eventually my court date came up and I pleaded my case, contested to the speeding and the judge dropped the driving on a suspended license to a lesser charge. I avoided Lambertville the rest of the time I was in New Jersey until we moved to Tennessee.

So the moral of the story is, if I want this cute shampoo and conditioner I just have to pray they ship international! I’m sure there is still a ‘wanted’ poster with my name on it in the police station in Lambertville.

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  1. Christine de Pizan says:

    Had you thought of driving there, to pick up your shampoo and conditioner? :o )

    Now you could impress them by driving on the left side of the road!!!

  2. MsWedgie says:

    Those containers are too cute for words!! NEED EM! Great story…loved reading about your little adventure!! :) At one point I thought that the T2 cop was gonna start chasing you and pierce the hood of your car with giant blades! lol

  3. Sultry Red says:

    Omg, if I got those I just KNOW I’d forget what they were and think they were real honey instead. Cue a frothy mouth :/

  4. says:

    @Christine I’ve already gotten tickets for everything, I don’t need another for driving on the wrong side of the road! lol

    @Ms W At one point I thought I was going to get arrested! ; )

    @Sultry R Well hopefully you would keep them in the shower so you don’t used them on your toast but I know what you mean.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies! A x

  5. Tony says:

    OMG so funny. I mean, in retrospect. Yes, you know the small town policing can be a bit gung ho at times. I’ll see if I can arrange a pardon:)
    Glad you like the packaging – we ship to the UK for 12 bucks.

  6. says:

    Hey Tony! I may have to take you up on your offer as I don’t think it’s safe to come back to the ‘ville.


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