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Beauty from Glossboudoir – Homemade Chamomile Toner

This recipe is from my friend Adriana at Glossboudoir!


This is a cheap and easy recipe to make your own homemade chamomile toner. Chamomile has anti-inflamatory properties and vodka disinfects without making your skin dry.


  • 2 chamomile tea bags
  • 1 tablespoon of vodka

Boil water for tea. Place the two bags in the cup. Let it cool down. Pour into container with a lid and add the vodka. Apply it with a cotton ball around your face in the morning and a before going to bed to complete your cleansing routine. You will notice instantly all the impurities this product removes. Plus it leaves your skin really soft!


Adriana has other fabulous homemade recipies on her lovely Mexican blog Glossboudoir. No habla Español? You can use Google Translator to read it!

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  1. says:

    Thanks for this post Adriana!

  2. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Jess says:

    If it doesn’t work you can always drink it…

    Thanks for this tip Adriana!

  4. says:

    LOL – What a great idea Jess!

  5. That combination of vodka and chamomile sounds like a cocktail to me!
    But I am willing to try it out, thank you for the tips!

  6. says:

    Well like Jess said above if all else fails you can always drink it!

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