Homemade Soap and Bath Bombs

My attempt at making soap and bath bombs!

I spent last Saturday making novelty soaps and bath bombs with some friends from work. Our very patient tutor Helen had us entertained for several hours in the Sherwood Workshop on Mansfield Road in Nottingham. After we left we all smelled like a Lush shop and had a bag full of homemade goodies to be proud of.

This is my attempt at a soap that has other soaps in it. I used vanilla for the blue soap and grapefruit for the stars. I had trouble getting it out of the tin I used for the mould which is why it looks a bit ragged. I don’t think it’s too bad for a first try.

I used a Scottish Fine Soap Tin lid for the mould on this one. Just to be clear this isn’t a Scottish Fine Soap product, this is my own attempt at making a square pink soap. Everyone in class loved this, the colour is amazing.

As you can see Lush need not worry about me putting them out of business any time soon. I found making the bath bombs a bit stressful as you have to be quick. My first attempts were just a crumbly mess but I soldiered on and the two with the patterns at the top turned out better. I used lemon grass essential oil and it really does make them smell like something you would get in Lush.

These love hearts also turned out pretty well, I used bits of lavender for the fragrance. I also made some love hearts to put into a bigger clear pink soap but I’ve not managed to get it out of the mould yet!

*The soaps you see here aren’t made using traditional methods which usually take 4-6 weeks.

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  1. Wow!!! I can’t believe my eyes! You’re such an expert! congratulations… they look perfect

  2. says:

    Ha ha I’m hardly expert especially with the bath bombs they were nothing short of a disaster. My friends and are going to get together and buy some stuff so we can try it again soon I can’t wait!


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