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Homemade Orange and Peach lip scrub with Perfumia Gal Lip Balm

Lip scrub is one of those things that unless you get constant dry lips you may not be prepared to splash out for it. I think keeping your lips buffed on a regulary basis makes them look healthier and stops your lipstick from feathering. I have reviewed Sara Happ and Lush Lip Scrubs and I like them both but it’s always good to have alternatives. I’ve been after a citrusy or berry lip scrub so I decided to use my Perfumia Gal lip balm in Orange and Peach and some sugar. I got this idea from a guest post on Makeup and Beauty Blog.

Make sure you use white granulated sugar, don’t use brown sugar like I did. I thought brown sugar would give me a rougher scrub but the granules are too big to go over your lips and it just makes a mess. Serves me right for not following instructions!

I dabbed my finger in the Orange PG lip balm first and then into the white sugar. Wow what a difference from the brown sugar. This works really well and I was really pleased with my choice of lip balm. I used the Peach one next and again I was really pleased. These flavours make the lip scrub more summery and fun to use (for me anyway).

I enjoyed using my own lip balms to make the lip scrub. This now gives me endless options for flavours. Will it stop me from buying new lip scrubs? Umm lemme think….no of course not. As always a girl needs options!

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  1. great idea!

  2. says:

    I know! So simple yet effective : )


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