Her comes the Bridezilla

Here comes the Bride…zilla

You may have noticed I haven’t had my blogging head on in the last week due the lack of posts. This isn’t because I’m in a January blogging slump, it’s because I’ve got to get my head out of the sand and finish sorting the rest of my wedding plans.

When Jamie asked me to marry him in May last year it felt like we had loads of time to plan. Then it late summer we decided to have two weddings, one here in the UK, and one in my native US and set the dates in September for the following September. The two weddings idea came about after several phone calls back in forth to my mom, some of which including me screaming, yelling, crying and so on. Fast forward to November and we sorted the wedding venue and reception in the UK, while my mom and cousins were sorting the American wedding back home. After paying the deposit for the reception in the UK I told Jamie (and anyone who would listen) I don’t want think about weddings again until the New Year. Well 2017 is well and truly here and my first wedding is less than 8 months away………Zoiks!

So this week I’ve been going through two sets of guest lists, thinking about the pattern for my dress, and planning what spa treatments to have whilst on honeymoon in Aruba. And of course I’m excited that I’m going to be Jamie’ wife. That’s the best bit.

Normal posting to resume soon x

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  1. Everything will be great! Enjoy all your wedding plans (I’m a little bit of a Bridezilla too!)

  2. says:

    Well it’s easily done even if you aren’t that bothered about stuff they way some brides are. Hope your plans are coming along it won’t long now! x

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