He-Shi Review | Quick and Easy Exfoliating Bodywash

’s review – He-Shi Quick + Easy Exfoliating Bodywash

I have never heard of He-shi before as they mostly sell fake tanning and bronzer products and I have never ever applied fake tan in my life so it’s not surprising they haven’t been on my COPD radar. You may be wondering why I bought this then. Well my logic was this – even though I have never applied fake tan myself I have read numerous articles about it. The one thing that always stands out to me is preparing your skin before applying your tanner which means EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE! Fake tan sticks to dry dead skin and can make your application look blotchy and uneven. So I naturally assumed that an exfoliator from a fake tan beauty brand would be a little bit rougher to get rid of the dead skin before applying the tanning products.

This is ‘Step 1′ and colour coded in pink. This coincides with the other products which are Step 2 (yellow) and Step 3 (blue). I think this numbering system is a good idea if you are applying different things then you won’t get confused about which one to start with first. This smells like strawberries but the scent isn’t strong enough for me. It smells lovely and fruity when you hold it up close to your nose but the scent doesn’t linger which is a shame and sometimes it doesn’t smell at all.

The consistency of the scrub is on the thicker side and contains an even amount micro-dermabrasion crystals. The crystals aren’t as rough as I thought they would be, they reminded me of loofah bits. I’ve used this on both wet and dry skin but found I got better results using it on dry skin. If you are going to use it on wet skin I recommend using it with scrubby gloves. This rinses pretty well but my skin felt dry afterwards every time I used it. This could be because it’s a gel based scrub and doesn’t appear to have any moisturising oils.

I think this is okay for a gym bag type bodywash because it’s easy to get out of the tube but I would also need to use a body cream afterwards. I’m not convinced about it being a decent exfoliator before a fake tan application though. If you do want to give it a go you can find at Lookfantastic for £10.50.

Has anyone else tried this brand before as a self-tanner or exfoliator? I’d love to know what you think.


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  1. nicoletta says:

    Hi hun, not tried this before. It takes me forever to get through my exfoliators so its quite rare that i buy them. It must be because i’m lazy and don’t use them often enough x

  2. says:

    Well I’m the same with makeup it takes me forever to get through it which is why I don’t blog about it. Well all have our priorities! xoxo

  3. This doesn’t sound all that great, especially if it’s for pre-tanning. I find some fake tan products can be a little drying so as a system this could be a recipe for disaster! x

  4. says:

    Hey Jane! Dry skin and fake tan aren’t the best bed fellows. I’m curious as to what exfoliators regular fake tanners use, I need to do some more investigating methinks! ; )

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