He said/she said – Batiste Original Dry Shampoo

He said/she said – Batiste Original Dry Shampoo

I’ve never tried dry shampoo before and I won this in giveaway from Courtney over at Glamorous Barbie many moons ago and have only just got round to trying it now. I know a lot people rave about dry shampoo but it’s not something I’ve ever had the desire to use. I have the greasiest hair in the world and I’m so programmed to washing it daily that not washing it has never occured to me. This is why you will never find me at overnight mudpit type festival where the showers are miles away, camping, or trekking in the Himalayas. I don’t consider myself to be a beauty diva but I need a shower and I need to wash my hair!

I made Jamie try this first and he can tell you more about that below. I’m not really one for following directions so I just sprayed it all over my head which made me look like I had gone prematurely grey and I brushed it out. I suppose this would be the equivalent of 17th century wig powder, it really does absorb the grease/dirt although it did leave my hair looking a bit dull. I certainly wouldn’t skip my daily shampooing ritual to use Batiste on a regular basis but it’s a quick fix if I were running late for work.

*Courtney sent it with a bow – how sweet!


I’m with in that I have no desire to go camping, backpacking, or anything else that would keep me from having a proper shower. I like the outdoors and live music but I also like knowing that when I wake up the next day I won’t have dirt in places that shouldn’t be there. My hair gets greasy the next day so I feel grubby if I don’t wash it everyday. On the weekends that we don’t go out I sometimes skip having a shower but I’ll wash my hair if someone shoves a list in my face of bits we need from Asda. I don’t like to face the public with less than clean hair.

went a bit crazy with spraying this all over my head and squealed with delight at making my hair look a bit like George Clooney. I’ve got very dark brown hair but I’m already starting to go grey and seems to think I’m going to have his hair in a few years; I would just be happy to have hair when I’m older I’m not fussed about the colour. So once she finished spraying blobs of dry shampoo on my head I brushed it through and I have say I was pretty impressed. It definitely got rid of the greasyness and I felt happy leaving the house without fear of looking like a bum or just plain lazy. It reminds me of talcum powder and smells like it too. I would definitely use this again, it actually serves a purpose!

As if all my other beauty items don’t!

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  1. polarbelle says:

    mmmmm….cloony!!!! I had a little fun tonight and tagged you in this post: http://www.polarbelle.com/2011/07/stylish-blogger-award-take-one-and-pass.html

  2. Maja Piraja says:

    I will always be a dry shampoo fan. It was a life saver back when I had a blunt cut fringe, but I still use it – sometimes a girl is just too lazy to wash her hair. My hair does get matte from using it, but add some kohl and a pair of boots and all of a sudden you’re Kate Moss (… In my mind).

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