Green & Spring Skincare Review

Green & Spring Indulging Hand Wash 300ml

Green & Spring is on my must try list for 2017 and when a 15% off voucher from Bath and Unwind appeared in my inbox at the start of the year I thought I better get on with it. One of the reasons I wanted to try G&S is their ethos; made in the UK, no synthetic colours or fragrances, and most importantly their ingredients are sourced from the UK. Even though I’m not British myself, I think it’s quite important to preserve the UK’s natural heritage by using native plants.

Firstly let me say the Green & Spring packaging is lovely. It is plastic but it still feels nice and can be recylced. Of course the key feature of the packaging are the lovely coloured birds, which are simple yet effective and make this look like something special in the bathroom.

I chose the Indulging Hand Wash and this came with a free travel size sample of Relaxing shower and bath foam but I will get onto that a bit later. The hand wash is scented with jasmine and has a bit of spicy zing to it but it’s not overpowering. This lathers really nicely and does make your hands feel really clean without stripping them. I would say this isn’t really a moisturising hand wash so if you do have skin on the drier side you might feel that you need hand lotion afterwards.

As you can see from the picture above this is not a thick hand wash but you don’t need a lot for it to lather. I have kept this in the bathroom for the most part but I’ve also used it after I’ve been chopping onions or garlic. I do all the cooking in our house and if you eat these kind of foods on a regular basis you’ll know that your hands will pretty much stink if you don’t wash them properly afterwards. I find that cheaper hand washes don’t seem to get rid of the odour but this does. I have to say all in all this gets the thumbs up from me and Jamie and is on par with my beloved Molton Brown. This is available Bath and Unwind for £14.30 for 300ml.

If you order a full size Green & Spring product from Bath and Unwind you get a free travel size shower gel or body lotion. I chose the Relaxing shower and bath foam. Now there is no way you’ll ever catch me taking a bath because I hate them with a passion so I used this to shower with. I don’t know what I was expecting but I have to say I was a bit disappointed. It is scented with lavender but it’s not a strong smell so it doesn’t linger on your skin. I had the same issue when I tried Cowshed a while back – smells nice but it doesn’t stick around. I’ve realised that I like my shower gels to have a burst of fragrance that stays with me all day and unfortunately this does not. As far as it’s ability as a shower gel it’s perfectly fine but nothing exciting. This retails for £18.38 for 300ml.

Even though the shower gel didn’t work for me I still want to try the body lotion and (of course) the body scrub!

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