Fresh skincare lust list

My Fresh lust list!

Fresh is a skincare brand that has eluded me for several years now because a) It’s difficult to get ahold of in the UK, and b) It’s stupidly expensive. You’d think with those two obstacles it would stop me from wanting these beauty goodies but it hasn’t – do these issues ever stop anyone from coveting beauty booty? There is a Fresh store in London on Marylebone High Street so the next time I’m in capital city I shall pay them a visit. However it would be nice if I could just order from a UK website.

Sugar Lip Polish – I don’t think I have to explain why I want this!

Sugar Face Polish with Strawberries – I don’t think we need to discuss why I want this either

Lip treatments in Rose, Plum and Sugar – I don’t want to choose I want all three!

Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar – yes I want to wash my face with dirt.

Anyone else give Fresh a whirl?

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  1. Jade says:

    Oooh the face soap looks lovely :)

  2. Courtney Clarke says:

    I love the look of Fresh skincare!
    Did you know you can order anything from the Fresh website by emailing and they will mail it direct from the London store? Hope that helped!

  3. says:

    @Jade – I know and I bet it smells good too!
    @Courtney – Yeah, I’ve spoken to the London Fresh store before but I find it annoying that you have to call them up and ask them what they have in stock and for prices. It’s 2017 they should have some kind of mail order system with a website. I understand if they don’t want to open loads of stores because that costs a lot of money especially with London rents but surely they can afford to have someone packing up and sending parcels to customers all over the UK. I think they should hire me! Sorry for the rant btw ;)

  4. nicoletta says:

    oh yes i can see the attraction. I would love to try something from this range too. I saw it when i went to america but the price was just too steep for me. They sound gorgeous though xx

  5. Replica says:

    I used to do mail orderes from their London Store all the time, but what they charged for postage seemed to vary quite a bit, one time it cost me over £20 for two parcels, I was spending so much on the postage I rarely buy from them now. Like you say I think they should really have an online store for those of us not in America as I know I would buy a lot from them if they did as I do really like their products.

  6. says:

    @Nicoletta – I saw some of their stuff at Sephora and I couldn’t believe the prices either but it all looks so good!
    @Replica – I thought that might be the case, I spoke to a woman at the store and she was helpful but it just felt really provincial having to order stuff over the phone. Thanks for the info it’s really helpful!

    Thanks for your comments ladies xoxo

  7. Ayshe says:

    never heard of this brand before, but looks and sounds amazing! it does seem very short sighted of them to not offer an online ordering service and reasonable shipping!

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