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Get rid of your uh huh huh huh Beavis and Butthead face with Freederm gel

The spotty teenager look isn’t great when you’re a teenager but it’s even worse when you are in your 20′s, 30′s, 40′s and beyond. I’ve noticed on Twitter lately loads of gals having a moan about their skin. Most have been complaining of big spots that have come out of nowhere. It could be due to the weather change, hormones, or their skin just wants to be difficult.

We’ve all got face scrubs, Clarisonics, and a few other gadgets that rake over our face to get in clean but somehow spots still find there way to the surface. Most of mine appear on the chin area and sometimes they really hurt. When they get this bad I will get out my Zeno which does work but isn’t always convenient to use as it looks like you are holding a mobile phone face to your face. I’ve tried all the Clearasils and Oxy 10′s and although these work to a degree they seem to burn half my face off.

I read about Freederm a few years ago in Glamour, which featured some gorgeously perfect Lithuanian model. The interviewer asked her what skincare products she used and she mentioned Freederm. She said that it was a cheap, quick way to get rid of spots when she didn’t have time for a proper facial. So off to Boots I ran and I’ve used it ever since. It contains the active ingredient nicotinamide which is a form of vitamin B3 and not something you pave the drive with like it sounds. Nicotinamide has anti-inflammatory affect which reduces the redness of those pesky bumps that ruin dates, job interviews and the like.

Freederm needs to be applied twice daily to a freshly washed face to have maximum effect. I think it really gets to grips with those spots that seem to last forever. I also use it around the corner of my nose where blackheads seem to lurk and it dries quickly and doesn’t interfere with makeup. It comes in two sizes 10g or 25g with the 25g only available over the counter at pharmacies.

This is available at Boots!

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  1. Zoe says:

    Even though I’m always complaining about my skin I’ve never actually tried any of this. I think I will!


  2. says:

    It’s worked for me really well and I hope it will for you too!

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