Euthymol Toothpaste Review 75g

– Euthymol Original Toothpaste 75ml

Jamie – I usually don’t get really excited about toothpaste but I love this stuff. suggested I try it when we first met nearly three years ago. I’ve always used whatever my mum bought (when I live at home) so this was new to me. I never thought about toothpaste beyond the usual Colgate etc.

This really feels like it is polishing (or scrubbing ) your teeth. The smell is pretty strong, very much like Germolene anti-septic cream. I know this would put most people off but it gives the impression that it is really doing something special to your teeth. It may take awhile to get used to the burning sensation in your mouth from the peppermint oil but once you’ve used this, other toothpastes just won’t feel the same. Euthymol takes brushing your teeth to the next level.

– I can’t remember why or when I bought this toothpaste but it was probably because I hate hate hate sweet toothpastes, they really made me want to heave. I must have seen this in a shop in London somewhere possibly Boots or a health food store. I love this because it doesn’t taste sugary, and the burning sensation from the peppermint oil makes you feel like your mouth is getting a proper clean or a good ‘scrub’ as Jamie put it. Of course I also love the Art Nouveau packaging and that the toothpaste is in a metal tube. It makes it feel more like something from 1898 when it was launched.

Jamie is the only person who has ever indulged me in my love for this toothpaste. All of my friends and some ex’s thought this stuff smelled like Germolene and couldn’t understand why I used it. I didn’t grow up with Germolene so I never knew what they were talking about until one somebody stuck some underneath my nose. Yes it does smell medicinal but that’s what I love about it. The box says ‘A Scientific Dental Preparation’ which makes me think of some late Victorian Jekyll and Hyde type doctor making this in his laboratory. I’m sure the reality was something less sinister though!

This is available at Boots, Victoria Health, or the Carbolic Soap Company!

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