Don’t be so picky – Tweezerman Professional Skin Care Tool Review

Don’t be so picky – Tweezerman Professional Skin Care Tool Review

by on July 13, · 2 comments

I think around the age of 10 or 11 is when most of us start washing our faces with some kind of soap and looking in the mirror a lot more. We then discover these little black plugs of sebum and whiteheads and feel compelled to pick at them mercilessly until our faces are red. For all the beauty advice we’re given – not picking our faces seems to fall on deaf ears. Even with the threats of scarring, make it worse etc. don’t seem to stop us. Zeno is great for getting those hard, bumpy spots but it will do nothing for blackheads and already formed whiteheads.


The Tweezerman Professional Skin Care Tool looks like some kind of knitting needle, has a flat side for blackheads, and hooked side for whiteheads. It’s made from stainless steel and you obviously need to make sure you clean it after every use. I used it to get to grips with a few pesky blackheads that have taken up residence around the corners of my nose. I really didn’t understand how this was going to work let alone on the corners of my face but after much pressing said blackheads dislodged. Don’t worry, I will spare you the gore of my results – I’m sure you can use your imagination. You do need to press down fairly hard but it doesn’t hurt. I (fortunately) have not had any whiteheads to test this out on so I wouldn’t be able to tell you how well it works for those. I’m quite happy with this method of blackhead removal and knowing that I’ve not used my fingers. Not touching my face will also help to prevent spreading even more bacteria around my face. This tool is a good go-between leaving spots alone (as if) and seeing a dermatologist to sort them out.

This is available at Lookfantastic and Mankind!

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Christine de Pizan
July 15, at 7:28 am

Love the title! The implement looks almost surgical up close, but definitely something that should be in a well-stocked beauty cabinet! Did it leave any redness at all?


July 15, at 5:48 pm

Christine my old friend how are you? No it didn’t leave any redness when I used the side for blackheads and it didn’t hurt. I wouldn’t suggest messing with your face if you have a big day coming up though, that is what Freederm is for! x


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