Dirty Works Review | Hot Salt Scrub

Dirty Works Hot Salt Scrub 300ml

Dirty Works is a new beauty brand that is exclusive to Sainsbury’s. I noticed it on the shelf last nite when I was doing the weekly shop. The kitsch/retro packaging resembles a brand that shall not be named (nudge nudge wink wink), but I think it’s cute. I know the vintage/retro packaging thing has been done to death the last few years but I love it. You could say the same about sleek black packaging in most cosmetics brands Hello Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Mac, NARS etc.

To be honest I didn’t expect a lot of fanfare with this scrub as it isn’t expensive and it’s sold in the supermarket. Harsh but true. However I love the consistency, it feels like proper spa mud nice and gooey. It doesn’t really have much of a scent other than a light floral aroma. And the warming sensation works really well. Unfortunately there ain’t a whole lotta scrubbin’ going on with this. There aren’t enough scrub grains per square centimetre for my liking. Having said that it did feel nice on my arms, shoulders, and legs. It washes off very easily and there is a mattifying effect left on your skin afterwards so it makes it feel quite clean and smooth.

Who would this be good for? If you were doing any kind of activity that broke a sweat like exercise, sports, or gardening and you showered as normal you could use this afterwards especially under your arms and on your feet. It would make you feel clean and dry after being grotty. Although the exfoliation of this tub of scrub leaves me a little disappointed it was still a pleasure to use. I think I will need to move up the Hot Salt Scrub food chan in future to get the salty roughness I crave. But it’s not a total bust I’d be happy to use it again.

This is available at Sainsbury’s!

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